Young Audois buried: a debt of narcotics at the heart of the drama


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A debt of several thousand euros is behind the double murder of Julien and Gabriel found buried in the Alpes de Haute-Provence. These two inhabitants of the Aude had mysteriously disappeared on December 3, 2019.

The circumstances of the death of Julien Boumlil and Gabriel Ferchal, two friends of the Aude in their twenties, are beginning to clear up. The two friends had disappeared without a trace on December 3. Their bodies were found a week ago buried on the grounds of a family house in Revest-du-Bion in the Alpes de Haute-Provence.

The two main suspects, two brothers Vincent and Frederic Merino, confessed while in police custody. It is indeed the loan of a sum of money, made by Julien to Vincent who was unable to repay, which is at the center of the affair. The loan dates from two years ago. A sum of several thousand euros for the purchase of narcotics, says the Parisian. Julien Boumlil had met Vincent Merino several years ago in the middle of the rave parties in the Aude.

A trip to get your money

Julien claims his money from Vincent several times. Without success. On December 3, 2019, he left Malves-en-Minervois in Aude, driving his Volkswagen Passat, with his friend Gabriel in the direction of the Alpes de Haute-Provence. They arrive at the end of the afternoon.

The discussion quickly turned sour. Shots, probably from shotguns, are fired at close range on Julien and Gabriel. The two friends succumbed to front and back shots, according to our colleagues. The precise scenario of the double murder remains to be determined.

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Another detail intrigues the investigators of the Marseille Research Section. The Merino brothers had asked a neighbor at the beginning of December to borrow from him “a lifting device which was to be used to bury a horse”. The bodies of the two Audois were rightly found on the grounds of the house where the two brothers lived with their mother on the Albion plateau. The bodies were found by dogs from the Gramat dog-hunting investigation group in the Lot.

Julien Boumlil and Gabriel Ferchal had not given any sign of life since last December 3.

Julien Boumlil and Gabriel Ferchal had not given any sign of life since last December 3.
                                    – Photo DR

Still some gray areas

The Volkswagen Passat of the young Audois was found in Marseille. It is for this reason that the mobile phone of Julien Boumlil, who had remained in the car, “bounded” in Marseille.

Today, several gray areas remain to be clarified in the survey. Did death occur on the ground where the two Audois were found? Were they killed on other land? Were they trapped? Julien and Gabriel have they gone to the Alps to chat again with the Merino brothers? Threaten them?

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Vincent and Frederic Merino were charged and placed in pre-trial detention. Their 72-year-old mother was not worried by the police.

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