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Winner has not yet reported


Where’s the new lottery millionaire?

Exactly a week ago, the 90 million euro jackpot went to Germany. But until now, the tipsters has not yet been reported to the competent lottery company. The winner of the huge lottery prize has so far kept a low profile – if he has even found out about his luck. For only the second time ever, the mega-profits went to Germany – this time to North Rhine-Westphalia.

Lottery company helps in the search for the new millionaire

As Westlotto announced on Friday in Munster, the new multimillionaire played his game receipt on February 4 in a WestLotto acceptance point in Munsterland. “His lucky tip consisted of nine rows of bets, which corresponds to a stake of 18.50 euros,” explained managing director Andreas KOtter. “We hope to be able to heartily congratulate the winner as soon as possible.”

In the event that the winner has not yet noticed it, Westlotto in the Munsterland has posted posters at the acceptance points with the indication that the winner comes from the region.

According to the lottery company, there can be several reasons why the winner (s) have not yet announced themselves: “Perhaps a syndicate is advising how to deal with this huge sum and who will act as the group’s spokesman.” Maybe someone will come back from vacation who has not yet heard the message.

One thing is certain: The winner needs to until further notice to worry that his prize to be forfeited if he does not soon reports. “He has a very long time,” said Kemper. “The statutory limitation period is the current year plus two years”

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