what happened on Wednesday evening at the Trianon


It is 8:45 p.m. Wednesday evening, when Cedric Villani speaks on the stage of the Trianon. The candidate excluded from LaREM held one of its first major campaign meetings to present its proposals. No sooner has the meeting started than the candidate is interrupted. The humorist Marie S’infiltre, known for her controversial happenings, has come to the fore. The security of the candidate prevents him from passing, Villani interrupts his speech.

While the actress explains that she came to declaim a poem, the candidate hesitates and ends up asking the room if it should go on stage. “We give Marie a chance,” he ends up saying before the actress goes up on stage and takes out a scroll like a parchment. Marie S’infiltre then begins to declare a “love poem” to Cedric Villani, who stays by his side.

In this schoolboy text, the humorist extols the “genius” of Cedric Villani and goes on with dubious rhymes. She mentions in particular the “big breasts of Anne Hidalgo” and continues: “no need for calculation to see that Griveaux tu en …”.

At the end of her poem, Marie S’infiltre leaves the stage and is quickly directed towards the exit of the theater. Cedric Villani thanked her then, recalling that he had come to one of his shows. “How to resume after that …”, he comments, before finally continuing his speech.

Marlene Schiappa criticizes “the speaker” of the Villani meeting

Marie S’infiltre’s “poem”, which was meant to be humorous, is now causing a stir within LaREM.

“If this campaign could do without sexist thoughts it would be better for Paris and everyone”, tweeted this Friday Marlene Schiappa, presenting Marie S’infiltre as a “speaker” at the meeting in Villani.

LaREM deputy Bruno Questel also challenges Cedric Villani on the social network: “You should return to the National Assembly and exercise your mandate as deputy because there really …”, he comments, sharing the video of the so- saying poem.

Villani’s entourage caught off guard

The Villani clan defends on its side to have orchestrated this intervention of the actress. Contacted by BFM Paris, which retransmitted the meeting of Cedric Villani Wednesday evening, the entourage of the candidate ensures to have been taken by surprise. The sound engineer who was in charge of the sound system was not aware either and the artist was not equipped with a microphone.

Cedric Villani’s campaign director accuses Marlene Schiappa of “fake news” on Twitter, equating the minister’s comment to a “classic tactic symbol of a laborious campaign”. Anne-Christine Lang, the candidate’s spokesperson, claims a reaction from LaREM after the tweet from Bruno Questel. “This young woman burst onto the stage during the speech. We do not in any way endorse these words which belong to her alone,” she insists.

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