Violence in the public service for many employees everyday


PAccording to a survey, police officers, bailiffs and prison officers are among the public service professions in Hesse with the most serious experiences of violence. The extent of insults, verbal aggression and physical threats is enormous and is “not uncommon part of everyday life for many of those affected,” says the study commissioned by the State Association of the German Association of Officials (dbb), which was presented in Frankfurt on Wednesday.

Employees at job centers and the employment agency are less, but still significantly affected. Teachers would also be threatened, insulted, treated with disrespect and insulted to a considerable extent, mostly by students. Many of the incidents would not be reported.

The dbb state chairman Heini Schmitt criticized that those affected often did not find the necessary support from superiors, but rather on deaf ears. However, the crimes had to be reported and brought to justice so that the perpetrators would be punished. “The rule of law must work,” said Schmitt. In addition, this is the only way to create a realistic picture of the situation. In places there is too little training for employees to deal with escalating situations.

In Hesse there is considerable need for action, which is why the dbb will turn to state politics again, said the state chairman. Members of the dbb unions were interviewed. Further surveys of individual professional groups should follow.

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