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The HES-SO Valais introduced video surveillance in its premises, in order to “guarantee security”, according to its director, Francois Seppey. Surprised not to have been consulted or informed, the cantonal data protection officer Sebastien Fanti is considering investigations.

Six cameras are already distributed on all the sites and their number will increase. For the director of the establishment, questioned Wednesday by Rhône FM, “it is simply a question of guaranteeing the safety of the people who frequent the buildings, goods and infrastructure”. “Our buildings are also used outside of school hours by people who come from outside,” he says.

Speaking also on Rhône FM, the cantonal data protection officer is surprised not to have been consulted. “Usually, the buildings subject to our authority send us their regulations on video surveillance to get our opinion,” he noted. “We will consider a number of investigative measures to find out what is going on,” added Sebastien Fanti.

Compliant regulations

Francois Seppey assures him that the regulations put in place are “in line with data protection”. “We inform of the existence of these regulations, it can be viewed on our website. The fact that we have cameras is said publicly, we put stickers that inform, ”

The regulation also specifies that “these cameras must be visible and not hidden”. The duration of conservation of the images cannot exceed ten days. (Ps / nxp)

Created: 12.02.2020, 12h17


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