USA: Major league loose baseball Roger Waters


Another sponsor who drops Roger Waters! MLB, the North American Major League Baseball, has canceled the promotion of Roger Waters, founding member of British rock group Pink Floyd, because of his support for the BDS movement.

MLB sponsored presale tickets for Waters’ This is Not a Drill tour but changed their mind after receiving criticism from Jewish advocacy groups.

It’s not the first time that Waters perd funding, due to its support for BDS, American Express and Citibank have withdrawn their sponsorship.

Already a few days ago, the Latin American branch of the Simon Wiesenthal center was campaigning against the arrival in Mexico of Roger Waters scheduled for next October.

Indignant at the fact that he uses an inflatable pig during his shows on which we can see a Star of David.

Images which refer to the medieval German anti-Semitic iconography denounced the center which turned to the different local sponsors of the singer so that they withdraw his support and to the various concert halls so that they refuse him their scene .

“Do not allow yourself to be defiled by those who hide behind their music to spread violent, racist and discriminatory messages.”

Nathalie Sosna Ophir

The Victory article on BDS. A major baseball league (USA) drops Roger Waters. first appeared on IsraelValley.

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