USA increases tariffs against Airbus from 10% to 15%


The government of Donald Trump announced a increased tariffs that the US imposes imports of the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus from the current 10% to 15%, as reported by the Office of the Foreign Trade Representative (USTR).

The new tariff increase will take effect as of March 18, according to the USTR statement.

In October, Washington imposed 10% tariffs on Airbus as a result of the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling in favor of the United States for subsidies considered illegal by the European aircraft manufacturer.

The levies against Airbus They are part of a package of tariffs worth 7.5 billion dollars that the Trump administration imposed on countries of the European Union (EU) and which mainly affect the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain.

According to the WTO ruling, also in October, the four most affected countries offered Airbus financing at a lower interest rate than the market, which allowed the company to develop some of its most recent and advanced models.

In addition to tariffs on Airbus, USA imposed 25% levies on a long list of European food products.

The list focuses on products from Spain (fresh cheese, olives and olive oil, among others), but also from France (wine, cheeses), Germany (coffee, biscuits, waffles), United Kingdom (whiskey, sweets) and Italy (cheeses), although you have to add others from more than twenty community countries.

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