Turin, the antagonists occupy the Rectorate: throwing eggs, a shattered window


Eggs were thrown by a group of students against the windows of the Rectorate of the University of Turin, one of which was shattered. The procession started from the Einaudi Campus, where clashes took place yesterday with the police who protected a Fuan leaflet at a conference on the sinkholes. Three Digos agents, an officer from the Dora Vanchiglia police station and two security guards from the University were injured in the scuffles, and three antagonists were then arrested and then locked up in the Vallette prison.

Turin, the antagonists occupy the Rectorate: throwing eggs, a shattered window

The glass broken by the egg toss

About two hundred students from the antagonist area today left in procession for the rectorate. Students walked via Rossini stopping traffic. The banner “No room for fascists and police” is in the lead. Over a hundred demonstrators, after throwing the eggs and breaking through a door, went up to the first floor of the building to meet the rector of the university, Stefano Geuna.

But the University was unable to receive the protesters: “There are no safety conditions to meet the students”. From what we learn, there was the willingness to meet a delegation of five people, but the students who went up to the first floor were more than a hundred and so the comparison jumped. Around 1pm the demonstrators left the Rectorate.”The University of Turin strongly condemns the tensions and the acts of violence that took place yesterday, Thursday 13 February, at the Palazzina Einaudi and today, Friday 14 February, at the Rectorate – it is written in a note from the University – The rector, Professor Stefano Geuna and the University leaders have become and are available for dialogue if the conditions of civil confrontation are guaranteed in observance of the positions, security, protection and safety of people. Requirements that have not been met today in the Rectorate. The University affirms and defends the principles of democracy, pluralism, anti-racism, anti-sexism and anti-fascism which are the prerequisites for any form of dialogue and are proper to the Italian Constitution. It also reiterates that the maximum will be guaranteed attention to the evolution of the situation that has involved members of our community who study and work every day in the spaces of the University “.

So a reference to the proposal, by Fdi, Lega and the president of Edisu, to “remove scholarships from violent students, the University clarifies that” on the hypothetical revocations and restrictions of the right of study, the University of Turin confirms the maximum commitment to guarantee and promote policies for access to study “.

In the afternoon the students of the collectives occupied the Einaudi building and unrolled two banners from the balcony: “No room for fascists and police. Carola, Marta, Samu free”, or the three antagonists arrested for yesterday’s clashes. “Cops and bundles back in the sewers. Ahab. All free,” says another banner.
The students “cleared” the classroom entrusted to Fuan students, taking away tables, chairs, computers and a fridge and wrote on the walls and windows “Occupied classroom”, “No space for the fascists”, “Maya, Samu, Dear free “,” Bundles hung like bras “. All the exams under way at the Einaudi building have been relocated to other places of the University, mainly to the Einaudi Campus.

Turin, the antagonists occupy the Rectorate: throwing eggs, a shattered window

The writings in the Fuan classroom

In post on Facebook the Autonomous University Collective writes: “Maya, Carola and Samuele are from tonight at the Vallette prison. They were arrested yesterday, inside thethe University, during police positions. It was clear from the outset the exalted and aggressive attitude of the police who placed themselves as always in defense of fascists and racists. The University is responsible for what happened, proving completely passive to the modus operandi of the police station. Now we want the immediate release of our classmates and friends from university “.

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