Trans murderer will not be held in women’s prison


Trans murderer Jamie Boulachanis will not be transferred to a women’s facility as requested by the Superior Court. The judge understands that the men’s prison is not the “ideal” situation for her, but he says that it does not suffer “cruel and inhuman treatment”, as she claims.

Véronique Lauzon
Veronique Lauzon
The Press

Judge Jean-Francois Buffoni rejected the request of Jamie Boulachanis, who is serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison for men, with no possibility of parole before 25 years for the premeditated murder of Robert Tanguay.

When convicted in 2016, Boulachanis did not publicly identify as a woman.

Jamie Boulachanis complains that his imprisonment in a men’s prison violates his fundamental rights and claims that she is subjected to “cruel and unusual” treatment there, in particular by constant harassment of other prisoners.

On the side of the prison authorities, they “temper the narrative of the situation”, believing that his safety is not compromised, among other things because they placed him in a wing with “fellow inmates who are not violent”.

“The correctional service offers accommodations to the applicant (Jamie Boulachanis), as well as the advantage of having a computer room for her alone,” wrote the judge in his judgment.

He recalls that the risk of an inmate’s escape is still considered high and that “women’s facilities in Canada do not currently allow the admission of inmates with such a high risk.”

Because in addition to running away from justice for 13 years, Jamie Boulachanis tried to escape from a van during a transport to court and, more recently, she confided to an agent that she had an escape plan.

“The current situation is certainly neither ideal nor perfect, and certain improvements are necessary”, concludes judge Jean-Francois Buffoni in his decision, while adding that “the correctional service does what is in its power to fill in the best his obligations to Jamie Boulachanis, while protecting the public ”.

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