Train derailed: “Be careful, the exchange is defective”. Alstom Ferroviaria CEO investigated


Frecciarossa derailed in Livraga (Ansa)
Frecciarossa derailed in Livraga (Ansa)
Lodi, February 14, 2020 – An alarm for the exchanges defective and an iIn addition, the CEO of Alstom Ferroviaria, Michele Viale. The investigation into the accident in Lodi accelerates. The safety alert procedure, or the “safety warnings “, it was taken shortly after 8pm on Wednesday. At the end of the investigations on the site of the railway disaster, the attorney di Lodi immediately informed RFI and the National Railway Safety Agency, signaling that among the causes of the derailment at 5.35 on 6 February of the Frecciarossa 9595 Milan-Salerno there would be “an internal defect in the exchange actuator”, a reversal of electrical polarity right on switch number 5, the “zero point” of the tragedy that cost the lives of the two drivers Giuseppe Cicciu and Mario Dicuonzo and the injury of 31 people. Precisely for this reason, the director of the company that sold it, Alstom Ferrovie, is also investigated and who produced a fundamental part of the device. “Since there is an ongoing investigation, we cannot comment,” the company said.

The possible failure which triggered tight controls on all the Italian and European railway lines where that is installed device . These are the first results of the investigations carried out between Livraga and Ospedaletto Lodigiano in the investigation managed by the prosecutor of Lodi Domenico Chiaro and the substitute Giulia Aragno, together with the men of Polfer, the Railway Accident Operational Unit and the consultants Roberto Lucani and Fabrizio D’Errico ( both have already dealt with the Pioltello disaster). At the moment, but the list in light of what emerged yesterday could lengthen, the five workers of the Rfi maintenance team who have replaced the actuator of the switch number 5, in addition to Rfi, remain under investigation for railway disaster, manslaughter and injuries. .

“The alert it’s a decision we made for excess of scruple, but which will serve to intensify controls for the safety of all “, stressed the Lodi prosecutor Domenico Chiaro explaining the start of the alert.” It is not said that these are only defective pieces – added Chiaro -. Further checks are needed and we need to go deeper to better understand. The exchange in question is still under seizure and unrepeatable investigations will be made in the coming days. We are in a delicate moment of the investigation “.

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