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The Ciara storm which blew on Switzerland Monday made one dead and three wounded. Winds over 120 km / h in the plains have significantly disrupted rail, road and air traffic and caused significant property damage.

A 36-year-old motorist lost his life in a road accident in Les Montets (FR) in Broye. A strong gust of wind probably shifted the trailer of a convoy onto the opposite lane. It collided with the victim’s car, which normally arrived in the opposite direction.

Three other people were hospitalized, according to police reports released in the afternoon. In Rickenbach, in the canton of Lucerne, a man was struck by the door of a metal container pushed by a gust. Two other people were injured in Adliswil (ZH) while trying to get a tent blown away from the road.

Jurassic Arc and German-speaking Switzerland

Ciara reached Switzerland from the west on Sunday night, Meteosuisse said. The strongest gusts were measured at 184 km / h at Santis at midday. In the plain, peaks at more than 120 km / h were recorded in St. Gallen and Schaffhausen. Above all, the Jura Arc and German-speaking Switzerland have been swept by strong winds.

The Lake Geneva basin and the Valais were a little less affected by the storm, while Ticino was rather spared. The storm is not over yet. After a slight lull, winds up to 180 km / h in the mountains and 120 km / h in the lowlands are expected to spread from Monday evening until Tuesday morning, Meteosuisse announced.

Cantonal police in German-speaking Switzerland have been overwhelmed with appeals for various damages. In Zug, a hammock and its metal frame were taken away. In Neuheim (ZG), the roof of a materials warehouse was torn off. In Bauma (ZH), a farm fire spread to other buildings as a result of the wind, making firefighters’ operations more difficult.

In just one morning, property insurance in Basel-Landschaft received 800,000 francs in damage reports, which is as much as the storm Herve (or Petra) in one day.

Disturbed traffic

The storm caused disruptions to rail traffic. In French-speaking Switzerland, it is especially in the Jura Arc that several lines passing through Le Noirmont (JU), Tavannes (BE), Saignelegier (JU), La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE), Neuchatel or even Porrentruy (JU ), have been affected, resulting in delays and cancellations.

In Moutier (BE), a tree fell on the cockpit of a train without passengers on Sunday evening shortly before it entered the station. No one was injured in the incident. The overhaul of the contact line will last until Tuesday, said Frederic Revaz, spokesman for the SBB. An S-Bahn also struck a trunk on Monday morning in Wald (ZH), near Ruti.

Many other lines have been interrupted in German-speaking Switzerland. For example, a tree blocked the Rhatische Bahn (RhB) line on the Albula line.

Uprooted trees

Road traffic has not escaped Ciara. Torn trees, fallen branches, wind blown objects obstructed roads and highways in the Zurich, Basel, Bern and Aargau regions, Viasuisse said.

The Gotthard, Seelisberg, Fluelen and Mosa road tunnels in central Switzerland were closed for safety reasons around noon following a power failure. Most reopened around 1:30 p.m. Gotthard around 2 p.m., Viasuisse said.

The power outage also affected part of the townships of Uri and Schwyz for about an hour. It was caused by the fall of a cable from a high-voltage line between Plattischachen (UR) and GOschenen (UR).

Stormy winds also had an impact on air traffic. Zurich Airport has announced sixty departures and as many landings canceled for Monday. At Basel-Mulhouse, 180 flights were canceled.

At Geneva Airport, only around 30 have been canceled. The airport is expected to disrupt air traffic until Tuesday noon.

Closed schools

Due to the storm, several school classes closed in German-speaking Switzerland on Monday, such as Uster (ZH), Hinwil (ZH), Lachen (SZ) or Jonschwil (SG). The cantonal police of Solothurn and Berne in particular have advised against forest walks. Many ski areas in Valais and central Switzerland remained closed on Monday.

By comparison, the last very strong winter storm Eleanor (or Burglind), on January 3, 2018, was much stronger on a national scale than Ciara. In the mountains, gusts between 170 and 200 km / h had been measured.

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