Thuringian election: New forecast shows: Thuringians now want to vote very differently


The Thuringian disaster and the aftershocks: A current forecast shows that the Thuringians want to choose new and different. CDU country chief Mohring is now withdrawing.

  • FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich settled with voices of AFD elected to the Thuringian Prime Minister and triggered a political earthquake.
  • Kemmerich and CDU boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer are now resigned,
  • Now Thuringia wants to head the CDU Mike Mohring withdraw.

Update at 2:08 p.m .: Thuringias CDU head of state Mike Mohring withdraws from office. He announced this step as a consequence of the crisis in the formation of a government in Thuringia. He did not want to stand in the way of a reorganization of his party, he said in a video on Twitter on Friday. He now wanted one for the regional board early party convention with new elections suggest where he will not run againsaid the CDU politician on Friday. “Our party needs pacification,” he said.

Thuringia election: CDU country chief Mohring threatens vote of confidence

Update at 12 p.m .: Eight Thuringian CDU state parliamentarians have a Trust vote on Mike Mohring requested as leader of the parliamentary group. A letter was received on Friday morning, a spokesman for the faction confirmed to the AFP news agency. Should be voted on the application next Wednesday in the next regular faction meeting. Last week, the 21-member parliamentary group had agreed on a new election of the parliamentary group board at the end of May, which Mohring should not run for again.

Mohring was after the election of Thuringian short-term prime minister Thomas Kemmerich with votes from AfD and CDU come under massive pressure, The top of the federal CDU saw this as a violation of the incompatibility decision, which prohibits cooperation between the CDU and AfD.

Thuringia election: State CDU does not need advice from Berlin, says Schauble

Update at 10:34 a.m .: Thuringia need no advice from Berlin, This emphasized the President of the Bundestag German politican on Friday during a conversation with Deutschlandfunk. Schauble appealed accordingly to federal politicsto stay out of the solution to the political crisis in Thuringia. “How to do that must now be decided by the elected people in Thuringia,” he said with regard to the formation of a stable government despite difficult majority relations.

According to Schauble’s view, immediately after Kemmerich’s election, the federal CDU did not exert too much influence on what was going on in the Free State. “Berlin didn’t intervene, Berlin said its opinion”, said the President of the Bundestag. The party leadership is also obliged to do so. And Schauble added: “Of course this also applies to the Chancellor.”

Thuringia election: According to a survey, 57 percent of Thuringians want new elections

Update, February 14, 7.48 a.m .: Like one released on Friday (February 14th, 2020) survey can be seen, 57 percent of the would after the election debacle around the new Prime Minister Thuringian the dissolution of the current state parliament and thus new election to wish.

Also result of Insa-survey on behalf of the Thuringian newspapers of the Funke media group is that more than half of all those surveyed have a second term of office for the “voted out” Thuringian left-wing chief Bodo Ramelow to wish. CDU supporters should vote for Ramelow in the first ballot. Among CDU members themselves, this opinion was 40 percent.

In the Sunday poll, only 14 percent of those surveyed said they wanted to vote for the CDU in new elections. The leader was the party Die Linke with around 40 percent. Thus, the CDU would lose votes again after the 2019 election debacle. The FDP, whose members are also responsible for the scandal surrounding the prime minister election, would fail according to the survey in new elections at the 5 percent hurdle.

Thuringia election: AfD disturbs speech in the Bundestag

Update 5.44 p.m .: Around 600 people want to go to Kulmbach on Friday demonstrate against an appearance by the Thuringian AfD parliamentary group leader BjOrn HOcke, In some churches in the city, the bells are ringing in protest against the right-wing politician during his planned speech between 7:33 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. The chosen time alludes to the years in which the National Socialist dictatorship ruled in Germany.

Thuringia election: CDU wants to learn lessons

Update 3:21 pm: Michael Kuffer speaks for Union Group. He advocates learning from Thuringia. “We can learn lessons from Thuringia, or we can also foolishness.” The AfD had deceived and tacted in Thuringia. In Thuringia it had become clear that the AfD “the deception is closer than the veracity of the political offer,” said Kuffer. The Union politician describes HOcke as a Holocaust denier.

Kuffer also supports the Die party left for excluded.

Update 2:43 p.m .: As Katrin Goering-Eckardt Noises and sharp interjections come from the AfD parliamentary group. Vice President of the German Bundestag, Thomas Oppermann, rebukes the AfD politicians. But also during the speech of the Green politician it’s unusually loud on the podium.

The Green Party politician comes from Thuringia and describes himself as a member of the GDR civil rights movement. She took to the streets herself against the GDR government – precisely because of that it was not easy for her “personally” as in The coalition talks in Thuringia the left were led with the party.

Thuringia election: FDP leader Lindner apologizes – Vice-President Oppermann complains of interjections

“Because the Left Party there dealt with its past as the SED successor party,” says Goering-Eckardt, believing that the Left in Thuringia support as a democratic party.

After her speech speaks Oppermann the interjections again: “This is a real debate. I am far from strangling you. But the sounds you made before Katrin GOring-Eckhardt’s speech suggest that you are not showing the same respect for a speaker as for a speaker. As President, I will always prevent that. “

Vice President of the German Bundestag Thomas Oppermann

© dpa / Michael Kappeler

Thuringia election: FDP leader Lindner apologizes – “We are ashamed …”

Update 2:22 p.m .: “The motives for the candidacy were reversed,” said Christian Lindner at the current hour for the Thuringia debacle in the Bundestag. Thomas Kemmerich stood for his five-member FDP parliamentary group in Thuringia in order to put up a candidate for the democratic middle. “We are embarrassed because we have enabled the AfD to mock parliamentary democracy,” said Lindner. “And I apologize for that.”

“Erfurt was a mistake. And we will do everything we can to prevent this from happening, ”says Lindner. Don’t be admitted to “Stirrup hold” instrumentalize. “In Thuringia, the AfD tries to build on National Socialism,” said Lindner and reaps an unhappy murmur from the AfD group.

FDP boss Christian Lindner

© dpa / Bernd von Jutrczenka

Update 2:13 p.m .: As Paul Ziemiak at the current hour in the Bundestag Thuringia issue speaks, nobody claps from the AfD group. Regardless of the fact that Ziemiak accuses the AfD of having to accept the accusation of right-wing fascism: “HOcke can be described as a fascist because HOcke is a fascist!” do not respect the democratic values ​​of the Federal Republic.

Notwithstanding the allegations regarding democratic Alignment of the AfD attracts Alexander Gauland, Head of the federal AfD, plans to shoot against the left. There he sees the enemy, he keeps short.

The General Secretary also emphasized in his speech classic Kramp-Karrenbauer line, which also led the CDU in Thuringia more or less to the critical decision to elect the FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich: Cooperation with the Left Party was also not justifiable. “The point now is that we strengthen the political center in this country and not the margins,” said Ziemiak.

Update 2:06 p.m .: The Bundestag is currently dealing with the election debacle in Thuringia. CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak hands out against all sides. You can’t work with the AfD, he says. BjOrn HOcke, head of the AfD in Thuringia, is described as a fascist because he is one. Cooperation with a right-wing party is not possible.

Thuringia election: Saxony’s Prime Minister Kretschmer wants government of experts – Can the CDU “save face” this way?

Update 11:22 a.m .: Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) sees the solution to the Thuringia debacle in a one-year government of experts. “Now an expert government would be appropriate, led by a recognized, neutral personality,” said Kretschmer the Wirtschaftswoche, This government under neutral leadership should rule for one year, the proposal said. After that, new state elections should be held, according to Kretschmer.

Only with this one-year transitional government Willingness to vote will also be recognized, said Kretschmer. Saxony’s prime minister had barely won a majority in the neighboring state in the autumn elections. “This would recognize the will of voters in the current situation and allow the actors to save face,” said Kretschmer. Above all, the CDU could probably save face. For the party, this transition period could be a spark of hope – because in the latest polls it has Thuringian CDU suffered massively from the Prime Minister election.

Thuringia election: Left boss talks about throwing a bouquet and makes serious accusations to Kemmerich

Update from 8.33 a.m .: The Thuringian crisis continues to be a hot topic in Germany. An independent candidate or a government of experts could be a way out of the Thuringia crisis, not only from Berlin. For Ex-Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow it’s not the right way. “It would be good if the Berlin party headquarters were now quieter,” said Ramelow in an interview with the German press agency in Erfurt.

Susanne Hennig-Wellsow spoke plain text in a TV talk.

© picture alliance / dpa / Martin Schutt

Ramelow, whose party called the state election had won an advance of FDP boss Christian Lindner. He was the first to talk to a transitional head of government for Thuringia. At the moment, the loudest are the representatives of the parties, who played a part in the disaster that occurred in the Thuringian Prime Minister election on February 5. Ramelow: “Some advice is like Punches.

The goal is now a new prime minister election, which he wants to face. “The condition of all must be, it must not depend on AfD votes,” said the left politician. It is important that there is quickly a government capable of acting that could ensure orderly new elections. He was ready to extend his hand towards the CDU and FDP. “We have no time to waste.”

In a TV talk with Sandra Maischberger, Bodo Ramelow also commented on the Thuringian election scandal on Wednesday. He railed against the AfD. However, TV journalist Maischberger also offered the left-wing politician a head start with her questions – and hit a sensitive nerve with Ramelow *.

Thuringian election scandal: Thuringian left faction leader accuses Kemmerich of lust for power

Update from 7.28 a.m .: Even days after Thuringian Election scandal, where Thomas Kemmerich (FDP) was elected Prime Minister with votes from the AfD, the events still remain an issue. The Thuringian Left Group leader Susanne Henning-Wellsow Kemmerich had thrown a bouquet of flowers at his feet after his choice. You do not regret your actions. One can not just assume Kemmerich naivety, said Hennig-Wellsow on Wednesday in the ZDF program “Markus Lanz”,

When asked why Kemmerich took the vote in her opinion, Henning-Wellsow made it clear: “I think it was pure power lust. ”She had remembered how a few days before in the state parliament together with survivors of the liberation of Buchenwald concentration camp was thought. When the election results were announced, she felt “deep contempt” for Kemmerich. She therefore regrets her campaign with the bouquet “not a second”.

“Toilet deal” in Thuringian election scandal? Ramelow defends himself

Update from February 13, 6:04 a.m .: In the Thuringian election scandal there are now apparently details about one Backroom agreement came to light. reported on a loo deal with which Ramelow’s next term as prime minister wanted to save (see update below).

The politician has now fought back and up Twitter assures that there has never been such a deal and he with the image haven’t talked about it either. He accused the newspaper of having “reinterpreted and removed its Facebook comment from the context”.

Via Facebook, however, Ramelow admitted to having discussed this “variant” with his team. One calls this variant pairing and it “is one of the unwritten laws in parliament”.

“Toilet deal” in Thuringia election? Ramelow’s Facebook comment seems to betray strategy

Update at 1:08 p.m .: in the Thuringian election scandal are apparently again details of one explosive backroom agreement came to light. It has long been speculated as to why Linken-Chef Bodo Ramelow even ran for the prime minister election without being able to rely on a majority in the state parliament. Because as managing prime minister, the politician had no time pressure. He could have continued to govern and negotiate for a majority.

But one Facebook comment von Ramelow now appears Strategy betrayed, from which the left-wing politician hoped to be re-elected. The 63-year-old apparently wanted his next term with one Loo Deal save, write, Apparently it should be an arrangement with the Thuringian CDU boss Mike Mohring have given what at the crucial point in the election “4 MPs go to the toilet… that’s how it was discussed. ”To what extent would Ramelow have used this? In the third ballot, a candidate no longer needs an absolute majority to be elected. If four members of the CDU had gone to the bathroom, would have the votes of the Left, SPD and Greens, 44 in number, so been sufficientto vote Ramelow in office against the votes of all other groups.

In this Facebook comment, Ramelow admits the toilet deal openly.

© Screenshot: Facebook

Ramelow defended this planned – but apparently failed maneuver in his Facebook comment. “I also practiced using the toilet during Althau’s reign when the CDU had a majority vote,” he continued chatting out of the box. This is called pairing and this is not unusual. Thuringia CDU boss Mike Mohring has so far Not publicly about the incident expressed,

Thuringia: Ramelow wants to dissolve Landtag with budget decision 2021

Update on February 12, 2020 9:48: While Chancellor Angela Merkel on the planned AFD display With harsh criticism reacted to the party, Thuringias ex-prime minister is preparing Bodo Ramelow on his possible re-election. If this happens, he wants to make a transition and then Initiate new elections, “If the CDU, FDP and Red-Red-Green agree that the state parliament will dissolve with the 2021 budget decision, that is the best way,” Ramelow told the Thuringian newspapers of the Funke media group. This would be unusual in that a budget is usually decided at the end of the year.

However, Ramelow does not consider new elections to be a priority – although, in his own opinion, they would have a personally beneficial effect. “I would probably benefit from this in terms of my personal popularity ratings and the values ​​of my party,” said the ex-prime minister. “But that’s not how we should approach it. With all the deadlines that must be followed, we would at the earliest in 150 days a new government, The we simply cannot afford it. “

Thuringia: CDU, Linke, SPD and Greens discuss the current government crisis on February 17

Representatives of the Left, the SPD, the Greens and the CDU plan to meet on February 17 to discuss the current government crisis. The Thuringian CDU does not want to actively vote for Ramelow. But he could be elected if the CDU abstains from voting.

Update 20:04: The old prime minister could soon be the new one in Thuringia. When it comes to red-red-green, it should Bodo Ramelow (Left) after the resignation of Thomas Kemmerich (FDP) to be re-elected Prime Minister of the Free State.

To get a majority in the state parliament would need Ramelow however at least individual voices from the CDU or the FDP, A problem that – how reported – probably not solved. Because both representatives of the CDU and the FDP are still not given the green light for the election of Ramelow,

Thuringia: CDU and FDP speak out against Ramelow election

CDU general secretary in Thuringia Raymond Walk said there would be no votes for his former prime minister from his party. Robert-Martin Montag, the parliamentary director of the Thuringian FDP, said that none of his party colleagues for Ramelow want to vote.

“It is clear to us that we will not vote for Ramelow. There are too many differences. You can’t ask us to do that, ”he said FDP-Man. New elections are in Thuringia almost impossible to prevent. However, the question of who will lead the country to these remains open.

Thuringia: AfD wants to file a complaint against Merkel – she counters sharply

Update at 6:25 p.m .: Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) at a meeting of the Union Group on Tuesday AFD sharply attacked. “The AfD has an agenda,” said Merkel the participants of the session. “And this agenda is also in view of that CDU For us, of course, this is again a particular challenge of demarcation, because it is very clear here that you want to destroy democracy. (…) That you want to undermine them. “

You would notice that in every session of the Bundestag, she said Chancellor still out. Whether Angela Merkel’s statements responded to the announcement of the AFDIt is not known to file criminal charges against the Chancellor. Looking at the choice in Thuringia the Chancellor emphasized again that there is a vote, “that we have no common cause with the AFD do”.

After the election scandal in Thuringia: Kretschmer and Lindner call for independent candidates

Update at 5 p.m .: After the election crisis in Thuringia a solution is still being sought. A completely new proposal came from Saxony’s prime minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) and FDP-Boss Christian Lindner, Both politicians have spoken out in favor of an independent candidate serving as prime minister in Thuringia take over and thus prepare the Free State for new elections.

“The only thing that now helps in this difficult situation is a neutral personality, which is borne by everyone and which ensures that in this country in an agreed time of maybe twelve months new election can take place, ”said Kretschmer in the ARD noon magazine. If it is after Christian Lindner goes, Stefan Kaufmann, the president of the Thuringian Constitutional Court to take on this task.

The Ibiza crisis has been overcome in Austria with a comparable measure Lindner further out. The parliamentary director of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Michael Grosse-BrOmer, continues to appeal SPD and greento nominate an alternative candidate who can unite a parliamentary majority.

Election crisis in Thuringia: Thomas Kemmerich (FDP) will not represent Thuringia in the Federal Council

Update at 16:16: Thuringia will not attend the Federal Council meeting on Friday after the election scandal last week. Short-term Prime Minister Thomas Kemmerich would be entitled to participate even after resigning, but wants to do without it. Kemmerich (FDP) would currently be the only person entitled to vote for the Free State in the Federal Council. Due to his absence from the session on Friday, the four votes to which Thuringia is entitled will be missing from the votes in the regional chamber.

However, the effects on the processes of the regional chamber will be limited. For Thuringia will be present in the Federal Council officials of the State Representation, but do not have the right to vote and rather have observer status.

After the election scandal in Thuringia: BjOrn HOcke wants to file a criminal complaint against Merkel

Update at 2:43 p.m .: While the indications are thickening, according to which the election scandal in Thuringia was not just a coincidence, but rather a card game, the AFD already caused the next scandal due to the Thuringian political quake. The party wants Angela Merkel because of the alleged coercion of the FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich ads and also a legal Warning with an injunction Submit.

One of the driving forces behind the AfD lawsuit against Chancellor Angela Merkel is apparently the Thuringian AfD parliamentary group leader and right wing party Bjorn HOcke, He wrote on Twitter on Tuesday morning: “I am filing criminal charges against Merkel for the Federal Chancellor’s coercion of the Prime Minister.” HOcke further stated that it was “unacceptable” that the Chancellor had forced an elected Prime Minister of another party to resign.

Election scandal in Thuringia apparently no coincidence: what did Kemmerich and Mohring know?

First report from February 11, 2020, 1:59 p.m .:

Berlin / Erfurt – How unexpectedly came the Scandal at the Prime Minister election in Thuringia for the leading CDU and FDP politicians really? They gave each other Tops of both parties maximum surprised, sometimes horrified, when FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich was elected with votes by the AfD in Thuringia. Since then, heads have rolled: after only one day in office, Kemmerich resigned at the urging of FDP chief Lindner and also the Thuringian CDU chief Mike Mohring will probably be in May resign, On Monday the next resignation hammer: CDU boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced her resignation * – and thus automatically that too Waiver of the Federal Chancellery,

Election scandal in Thuringia: CDU and FDP drop dramatically in voter polls

At the latest now it is clear: The election debacle in Thuringia has turned politics not only there, but nationwide. In voter polls, the CDU and FDP are on historic low-level flights * and whoever takes over the Federal Chancellery after Angela Merkel is the same not clear like the favorite for them Successor to Thomas Kemmerich in the Thuringian state parliament. In the midst of this chaos, the view is now directed towards one of the important pullers in the Thuringian CDU and close confidants of Mohring: Karl-Eckhard Hahn, Head of the scientific service of the CDU parliamentary group, has days described before the election, as a FDP candidate also with AfD and CDU vote on the Prime Minister can be chosen.

Three days before the far-reaching election, he published a text in the debate portal The European, which is declared as a purely “personal view”. In his opinion article, Hahn asked the question of how it should be assessed if a government came into office with the votes of AfD MPs. And in a way he gave himself an answer by being the left-wing state chair Susanne Hennig-Wellsow criticized for her attempt “the AfD approval to the candidate of a middle class party to scandalize“.

Also read: The AfD is already planning the next blow against the federal CDU: The AfD party executive wants to bring Chancellor Angela Merkel to court because of the events in Thuringia *.

Prime Minister election in Thuringia may not have been a coincidence – indications of collusion are increasing

This project of the left is “democratically questionable, because the citizens of Thuringia are represented not by 68 but by 90 deputies, ”wrote the CDU politician. And he also stressed that the 22 MPs AfD legitimized just as democratically by the Thuringian voters be like those of the other factions too. Hahn also made it clear in his article that he no danger see in it to elect a prime minister with votes of the AfD.

Angela Merkel also described the Union of Values ​​as a “cancerous growth”. Find out what is behind this association here. *

Hahn’s essay, which appeared so shortly before the election, is another clear sign of this, that the Kemmerich’s election with AfD votes is no coincidence was. Immediately after the Thuringian scandal, there were suspicions that FDP chief Lindner also already in advance the green light for a victory for Kemmerich with support from the AfD has given. Lindner had these rumors denied via the FDP Twitter account.

The former government parties, the Left, the SPD and the Greens nevertheless suspect a card game, writes the Tagesspiegel. Further developments may show whether this was actually the case.

Incidentally, the events in Thuringia and AKK’s resignation on Monday were also an issue for “Hart but fair”. A Green politician took a verbal blow on TV against Lindner, who had it all *. In the meantime, head Wulf Schmiese billed German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the ZDF “today journal” *.

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