Thousands of buildings damaged in Switzerland by the Ciara storm –


The most common damages are roofs and buildings damaged by falling trees, several insurers said. La Mobiliere and Helvetia each received around 500 damage reports on Tuesday morning. The first expects a loss of approximately 1.2 million francs, the second forecasts a loss of approximately 3 million francs.

Allianz Switzerland has received more than 200 reports so far, but expects to receive more than a thousand, according to its spokesperson. The insurer expects a total amount of three to four million francs and AXA quotes similar figures. The bill could thus exceed that of the storm Herve (or Petra).

Less damage than the previous night

The Ciara storm was again felt in Switzerland during the night of Monday to Tuesday with, locally, new violent gusts. On the Gutsch ob Andermatt (UR), the winds blew up to 202 km / h. This second storm night, however, had far fewer incidents than the previous one.

No injuries were reported. On Monday, the authorities had reported three injured and one dead, a 36-year-old motorist who lost control of his vehicle in Les Montets (FR) in Broye, presumably surprised by a gust of wind.

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More disruption on the roads

During the night of Monday to Tuesday, the storm again caused restrictions on rail and road traffic. Several main axes had to be closed, like the A2 motorway between Airolo (TI) and GOschenen (UR) or the A1 between Luterbach (SO) and Kriegstetten (BE) because of falling trees.

The secondary roads which had been closed on Monday were mostly able to reopen little by little on Tuesday, with a few exceptions such as the road linking Tavannes to Fuet (BE), which will not reopen until Thursday.

Rail traffic has resumed

Several rail traffic interruptions have also been reported by SBB. The line between La Chaux-de-Fonds and Neuchatel was notably disrupted since Monday morning and until Tuesday during the day.

Air traffic, on the other hand, was only slightly disturbed on Tuesday. The day before, a hundred flights had been canceled.

The storm also tore off a power line around 3 a.m. Tuesday near Ennetmoos (NW), which caused a forest fire, which was quickly brought under control. There were no injuries. One district was deprived of electricity.

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Ciara storm, peaks at 166 km / h were recorded in the north of Switzerland, killing one in the canton of Friborg

7:30 p.m. –

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