This rapper ordered that his mother be killed to keep his inheritance: he gave $ 20,000 to strangers


Qaw’mane Wilson, actor, dancer and rapper from Chicago born in 1990, took a short time to spend most of his mother’s inheritance after his violent death in 2012.

Just eight months after the tragedy, Wilson uploaded a video to social networks where he was seen, literally, throwing money from his mother’s inheritance to strangers in the parking lot of a mall. He had withdrawn $ 20,000 from his bank account “for fans,” he explained to the camera himself.

Wilson’s attitude caught the attention of his relatives since the day of the funeral. The authorities did not take long to suspect him.

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“It just seemed distant. He didn’t seem devastated, ”DNA Info Zion Banks, cousin of the deceased, told the news website, referring to his son’s attitude during the funeral. He had not approached the coffin and had preferred to spend most of his time outside. “Looking back in hindsight is more suspicious.”

Wilson had his mother’s name tattooed, Yolanda Holmes, in the shoulder. She assisted him financially, bought him designer clothes and even gave him a sports car. But the prosecution has argued that that was not enough for Wilson. I wanted more, I wanted inheritance.

This Friday, Wilson, 30, He was sentenced to 99 years in prison for hiring someone to kill his mother. Eugene Spencer, the gunman, received a 100-year sentence, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

“The word is matricide, which means the killing of your own mother, ”said Cook County Judge Stanley Sacks on Friday. “What he wanted, his mother gave him. A car. A job. One could say he was spoiled. She gave Qaw’mane life and it was her decision to take it from her. ”

According to financial records, Wilson withdrew $ 70,000 from his mother’s account. He spent the money on sneakers, designer clothes, a modification to his Mustang so that the doors opened upwards and $ 20,000 ruled them in 100 bills to supposed followers of his music in a mall.

The prosecution showed the jury the video that Wilson himself shared on YouTube.

During the sentence, Wilson remained mired in his seat and only nodded when the judge announced the conviction. When asked if he had anything to say, Wilson spoke briefly, the NBC network affiliate in Chicago reported.

“I just want to say… nobody loved my mother more than me“, said. “She was all I had. That is all”.

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