They pardon an honest bank robber in the United States


When the 74-year-old man asked the bank teller for money and he gave him more than he asked for. When he noticed, the thief recriminated the cashier for doing so.

A man who stole USD 1,100 last year from a bank in Florida (United States) and he recriminated the cashier for giving him more money than he asked forHe was pardoned this Friday, February 14, 2020 on condition that he pay the subtracted amount and perform community work.

Sandy Hawkins, 74, entered a bank branch in Boca Raton (Florida) in November 2019 dressed in a T-shirt with President Donald Trump’s slogan “Let’s make America big again.”

In a note he gave to the cashier at the office, he told him that it was a robbery and had a weapon, which was not true.

Written on the back of a bank form, the note also warned the cashier not to sound the alarms, because he didn’t want to be captured.

The employee counted USD 2,000 to hand them over, but Hawkins said he was giving him too much, according to the My Palm Beach Post.

Then he insisted that he wanted USD 1,100 nothing more and once he had them, he left the bank.

The police did not have many problems to find the little greedy Hawkins after the robbery, because he was someone known in the bank area and was recognized by the manager of a nearby bar.

Under the terms of the pardon court document, dated Friday, February 14, 2020, the 15th Palm Beach County Judicial Circuit indicates that, to obtain the pardon, Hawkins must return USD 1,100 to Wells Fargo Bank.

Video: YouTube Channel: PalmBeachPost.

In addition, you must perform 10 hours of community work per month, to complete 120 hours.

In December 2019, Hawkins told local morning SunSentinel that he needed help after the sudden death of his wife, and for that reason the bank assaulted.

The septuagenarian, who worked as an air conditioning repairman and widowed in 2013, told the police when he was arrested: “I will make everything easy.”

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