They denounce the impact of the US blockade on Cuban aviation (+ Photos)


Havana, Feb 14 (ACN) The Corporation of Aviation Cubana S.A (CACSA) today renewed in this capital its condemnation of the economic, financial and commercial blockade of the United States against Cuba that is aggravated and intensified by the latest measures of the US government.
There are innumerable effects on the aeronautical sector and they have directly influenced the quality of services, denounced Roberto Pena Samper, president of the institution, at the central event for the 60th anniversary of the Day of the Civil Aviation Worker of Cuba.
They have caused the cancellation of operations to national and international destinations, the suspension of planned aircraft leases and commercial operations, specified in the meeting, held at the Cuban Air Navigation Company (ECNA), between the facilities of the Jose Marti international airport.
He warned that the resurgence of harassment generates an increase in the economic damages of this genocidal policy against our country, which violates the most basic human rights.
Pena Samper conveyed congratulations to the entire group and to the workers who have historically and unconditionally been committed to the Cuban Revolution and have shown courage, patriotism and consecration in fulfilling the dissimilar missions entrusted by the top leadership of the nation, he said. .
In the activity, Fermin Umpierre Iraola, general secretary of the National Union of Transport and Port Workers, reiterated his rejection of the Helms-Burton Act and proclaimed recognition of the Party, the Government, the Ministry of Transportation, and the Central of Workers from Cuba to the men and women of the field who, with work and optimism, daily defy the consequences of the blockade.
Nayma Alfonso Acosta, Vice Minister of Transportation; and Joel Beltran Archer Santos, general director of ECNA, attended the ceremony, where the Jose Maria Perez Capote Distinction, martyr of the sector, was given to workers with 20 and 25 years in Cuban civil aviation.
Also to those who have more than 50 years with the distinction for the Work of a lifetime and a special recognition was made for an impeccable trajectory and their contributions to the General of Division and Hero of the Republic of Cuba Enrique Lusson Batlle.
A special stimulus, signed by the National Union of Transport and Port Workers, and CACSA, received the Cuban Air Navigation Company for the comprehensive results of its management.
The Day of the Civil Aviation Worker of Cuba was instituted on February 15, 1960, when the integration of the Cuban companies of Aviation, Aerovias Q, Cuba Aeropostal and Inter-American Air Express took place.

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