The thirteen life goals that Fernando Baez Sosa had set


3 February, 2020 20:58

A piece of paper was found in his room with a list of numbered activities that served as goals for the young man.

Fernando Báez Sosa List
The thirteen life goals that Fernando Baez Sosa had left written.

Two weeks have passed since the murder of Fernando Baez Sosa at the hands of a group of rugbiers in Villa Gesell. In this last time, relatives and friends of the victim have gone out to speak, as well as some witnesses to the events.

Recently, Clarion made it known a list containing 13 objectives that the victim had set. These serve as memories for his mother, Graciela, Every time he enters his room.

Objectives Fernando Báez Sosa
(Photo: Clarin)

The objectives of Fernando Baez Sosa

The young man’s relatives decided to keep his room intact, as he left when he went on a trip with his friends. Inside one of the drawers, there is a piece of paper written by hand by Fernando himself. In it, there are a series of goals as a life project:

1) Participate in the “Serve” project (a solidarity plan that helps to refurbish public school facilities in different humble areas of the province of Buenos Aires)
2) Strengthen my group of friends and keep it
3) Always be as I am with everyone. Show me how I am.
4) Mature with my university decision
5) Finish the secondary as I would have liked.
6) Continue with the race and I do well
7) Travel
8) Learn to concentrate more
9) Save
10) Leave the cell phone
11) Turn off the computer and TV
12) Study
13) Charity Friday

This Monday, Graciela Sosa was present in the program of Monica Guitierrez Chronicle of an afternoon. “My phone rang at about six in the morning and I didn’t know who was calling me. And he told me ‘I have to give you a number because Fer had to take him to the hospital’. It was the mother of a partner, ”began Graciela.

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