The Semois has experienced the most significant flood in recent years


The Semois has not experienced such a flood since 2001. – © All rights reserved

Several basins in the province of Luxembourg have gone into flood alert: the Semois, the Chiers and the Lesse. Other rivers, mainly south of the Sambre and Meuse furrows, are on early warning. These overflows threaten to flood land and homes.

Damage was greatest in Moyen, a Gaum village on the edge of the Ardennes. “The Semois had not reached this level since 2011, explains our journalist on site, Benjamin Brone. The people around this river, like here in Moyen, had a difficult night. “

“We had to act quickly”

At the foot of the houses, bags are piled up to prevent water from entering. “It’s the first hit on the street, says a resident who lives on the banks of the Semois. So inevitably, when the river is in flood, my water comes first. “ Suddenly, it is necessary to raise the wooden furniture and the electric cables… especially that the level of the river could still rise in the next hours.

This rising sea level prompted the authorities to react. In the neighboring commune of Chiny, municipal staff warns residents of the danger that awaits them. “We had to act quickly, notes Alain Maitrejean, the alderman for the municipality’s work (MR). The only thing we can do is offer sandbags to those who need them and support those who already have them. “

The night was also busy for the firefighters who had to intervene almost 120 times. The decline could begin this evening.

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