The macabre revelation of the rugby cell phone expertise: one of them filmed the deadly attack on Fernando Baez Sosa


Their phones seized in the house they occupied in Villa Gesell They were sent to expert the Federal Police. The procedure is carried out by experts from the Technical Operations Division of the Regional Agency of the PFA, whose laboratory is located in the city of Mar del Plata.

Their results have not yet been completed and delivered to UFI No. 6 of Dr. Veronica Zamboni. However, there is a partial finding. And what was found is disturbing. Two high sources close to the investigation confirmed Infobae that At least one of the rugbiers filmed the attack. And he did it in high resolution.

In total they were ten devices to analyze, according to data published by Telam. Among them is that of Pablo Ventura, the young man who was falsely involved by the rugby detained and then released by Justice, when it was found that he was not in the coastal city at the time of the brutal attack on Fernando.

Of the ten phones, there are six teams in particular that are more difficult to unlock for specialists. They are the Apple brandwhose degree of encryption hinders access to internal information.

These six phones belong to Max Thomsen (20) -one of those accused of being co-author of the homicide-, Lucas (18) and Luciano Pertossi (18), Matias Benicelli (20), Alejo Milanesi (20) and Juan Pedro Guarino (19), the latter being a “7 Plus”, black, with the splintered screen and an All Blacks case.

The expert opinion it was done using the UFED (Universal Forensic Extraction Device), a device used to extract and decode the information of the vast majority of phones on the market.

On the other hand, It is unknown if the rugbiers shared the video with each other, or if it was viralized to people outside the group. The sources indicate that it is, at least, in an apparatus. Federal Police he informed the investigators in an unofficial way about the case the video finding, which would be delivered today. For now, who filmed it it would not be any of the young people indicated for beating Fernando as Maximo Thomsen or Enzo Comelli, but “one of the co-defendants”, ensures a source of weight.

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