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Myriam Larouche’s daily newspaper has taken an unexpected turn since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Wuhan, in the Chinese province of Hubei. Originally from Saguenay, she is one of the Canadians repatriated from China and quarantined for a week now.

Mayssa Ferah
Mayssa Ferah
The Press

First confined to his university residence in China, Mme Larouche is currently in a hotel at the military base in Trenton, Ontario. Joined by Press Friday morning, she began her seventh quarantine day there.

What does a typical quarantine day caused by an epidemic that puts the entire planet on high alert look like? Any other day … except for a few details, says the young woman. We come to take his temperature morning and evening. She must at all times be two meters away from other returnees, who are also subject to the same procedure. Every morning, individuals dressed in hazmat suits knock on his door, to clean and disinfect his room. She is prohibited from photographing them, she says. Hygiene instructions are posted everywhere on the refrigerator and cupboards, in the small kitchen open to the occupants of the hotel.

It is with a smile and good humor that Myriam Larouche faces this unusual situation. His first week of quarantine was spent on rest. His long journey to Canada was punctuated by government procedures and medical follow-ups. “I also had to recover from jet lag,” she added from her flirtatious hotel room.

However, she says that she has nothing to complain about. She is no longer in a state of uncertainty, wedged between four walls and spends a lot of time outside as well as in the common areas of the hotel. “The staff of the Red Cross are extremely courteous and warm. We are fed and cared for. There is no such climate of mistrust or fear, because no one shows symptoms of the disease. ”

So far, Myriam Larouche has not met any other Quebeckers among the returnees. However, she found something to take care of since her return to the country: “I am finally watching the most recent season ofDouble occupation. I didn’t have access to it in China. I must say that this season, it’s brewing, “she said with an infectious enthusiasm.

Between two episodes of this popular Quebec reality show, she finds time to study. For the next few months, the courses she was taking at Wuhan University will be available online. And although she is relieved to no longer run the risk of being infected, Myriam Larouche hopes to see the situation worsen in order to continue her studies in China. “I left most of my personal belongings in China. We were only allowed one carry-on baggage on the plane to Trenton. ”

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