Severe weather in Germany: floods after extreme rain – water levels in the Rhine and Mosel continue to rise


Heavy snow and violent storms cause chaos in parts of Germany. After constant rain and hurricane gusts, the water levels in the Rhine and Mosel rises sharply.

  • Hurricane gusts, constant rain and snowfall – Severe weather in Germany have caused chaos.
  • Southern Germany hit it again on the night of Wednesday (February 5, 2020).
  • After the storm front, the German Weather Service (DWD) continues to warn continuous rain,

Update at 1:13 p.m .: That almost in the past three days in Germany nationwide 30 to 70 liters of rain per square meter fallen, is now also on the water levels of the rivers clearly noticeable. That limits, for example Rhine floods shipping is currently in Rhineland-Palatinate, reports the dpa. At this Thursday the Rhineland-Palatinate flood reporting center expects the highest water level at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle in Koblenz. The registration center also kept there Exceeding the flood mark II conceivable from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday. If this should actually happen, no ships are allowed to sail there during this time.

Flood alert: the Moselle had spilled considerably

On Speyer and Worms however, the highest water levels could be reached as early as Wednesday. All in all the situation calms down after the rainy weather in the past few days. For the Moselle, which had overflowed its banks, the flood reporting center forecast falling water levels in the course of Wednesday.

And also in the Aach municipality in the district of Trier-Saarburg, in the night of Tuesday from one River flooded the situation had normalized on Wednesday. The previous Mayor, Claudia Thielen, said the stream was able to drain again. The flood situation has peaked almost everywhere, writes The smaller rivers would falling trends show in the larger rivers have to Water to drain first,

Flood alert: police rescue two young people in Saarland – they were trapped by the flood

in the Saarland was that Flood two teenagers Indeed almost doomed, The two were on a bike tour between WOrschweiler and Blieskastel enclosed by the water massessaid the police in Homburg. On the meadows next to the bike path, the water level had risen so high that cyclists could neither go back nor forth. A patrol discovered the two friends. The police car was able to drive onto the flooded bike path and the officials loaded the two youngsters into the emergency vehicle with their bicycles.

Update from February 5, 7:05 a.m .: After some strong ones rains in Southern Germany impaired flood at the Moselle continue people’s lives in Rheinland-Pfalz, In the city cell (Moselle) was unclear whether the height of the flood protection walls was sufficient – until early Wednesday morning, it did.

The water of the Moselle came to about ten centimeters at the top of the wall at night, according to the police. If the water spilled over the barriers, the entire city center would be affected. Therefore, the residents cleared theirs as a precaution basement, cellar out. Around four oclock, a policeman was cautiously optimistic – things are looking good right now, he said.

Flood alarm: level of the Moselle continues to rise

The water should rise further down the river in the morning. Between Cochem and Koblenz Therefore, several sections of two federal roads had to be closed. “People are used to it,” it said from the control center of the police headquarters in Koblenz.

The Moselle had already overflowed in many places on Tuesday night and flooded streets and cellars in the state. Mobile flood walls were built in a number of places. At Koblenz, where the Moselle in the Rhine flows, the Rhine flood will probably continue until Thursday night.

Severe weather in Germany: flood alarm after continuous rain – further threat on the way

Update from February 4, 5.20 p.m .: The violent rain ensures in south and southwest Germany For floods – Saar, Mosel, Neckar and Danube continue to overflow their banks. Although the strong wind is now subsiding, the extent is destruction not yet eliminated. trees fell on the street, fences overturned like traffic signs. Also snowfall keep the southeast Germany in breath – polar air is to blame, so, At night it could get slick with a mix of rain and snow.

Severe weather in Germany: snow chaos and flood alarm

Update from February 4, 2020, 12:37 p.m.: At the Moselle the situation is still critical. Flooding continues in some places. The level in Trier is five meters above normal, at 8.60 meters. In view of the rising water levels of the Rhine and Moselle, the fire brigade in Koblenz on Tuesday morning set up a mobile Flood wall began.

Severe weather in Germany: snow chaos and flooding after heavy rains

First report from February 4, 2020:

Munich – fallen trees, flooded streets – after the heavy rains and the stormy night with hurricane gusts, the emergency services still have their hands full.

Severe weather in Germany: hurricane gusts and heavy rain

The fire brigade had to go in at night Konz Rescue people from a house that was surrounded by water. A pond had spilled over the bank. Flooded streets had to be closed.

The water level of the Moselle Tuesday morning at Trier was 8.40 meters (normal water level: 3.25 meters). The Moselle flows into Koblenz in the Rhine. After heavy rainfall * in France, the water level will now rise everywhere on the Moselle, a spokesman for the flood reporting center told the news agency dpa, In Saarbrucken (Saarland) The police closed the city highway in the early morning. After the Saar burst its banks.

Motorway closed due to flood: In Saarbrucken, the city center is flooded and part of the A620 is flooded.

© dpa / Oliver Dietze

In Stetten on the cold market near Sigmaringen, a tree fell on a residential building, broke through the roof and damaged three cars. According to the police, the damage amounts to around 60,000 euros.

“Storms keep the police and fire brigade in suspense,” the police in Freiburg tweeted, warning of fallen trees. “Please avoid the dams of the larger rivers in our region,” the police wrote.

The Rhein-level in Cologne will likely rise to around 8.20 meters by Thursday, reports From 8.10 meters, the promenade of the old town is flooded. In addition, an interesting weather phenomenon is predicted for the weekend.

Severe weather in Germany: rail chaos in Bavaria

In Munich (Bavaria) there is chaos on the S-Bahn after the violent storm, reports *. Rail traffic in the surrounding area is also paralyzed. The fire department is in constant use. The level at the Isar level is increasing rapidly.

Anyway, there was a train chaos on Tuesday in all of southern Germany. Stuttgart Central Station also had to be closed.

Severe weather in Germany: snow chaos paralyzes rush hour traffic

Dense snow in the Ore Mountains (Saxony) – snow chaos has been around since Tuesday morning. Winter maintenance is in constant use. On the B101 near SchOnfeld, motorists can only make progress with snow chains, reports the

20 centimeters of fresh snow has already fallen on the Fichtelberg, kachelmannwetter tweeted. There is also snow * in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

Winter is finally here, maybe some are happy. Care! More is coming from heaven. The prospects for the weather in Germany can be found here.

The weather in February remains explosive. After a short break, Germany is now facing a special weather phenomenon. Meteorologists are alarmed.

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