Rc family car, the “individual malus” arrives | Ania protests: “Unjust rule for policyholders”


So the new rule arrives on Monday, but with a novelty and not indifferent. The bonus mechanism, extended to different vehicles and also provided in the event of renewal of the policies, also introduces the malus, as in any other car insurance contract, rebalancing what would otherwise have been a system exposed to many risks, of inequity between policyholders but also of higher prices.

The norm does not like However all’Ania which speaks of an “unjust rule for policyholders” which favors those with multiple vehicles. The revision came with an amendment to the Milleproroghe, an omnibus provision in which it was decided to avoid the postponement in April of the possible deductions only for amounts paid by cards, but in which, as usual, a multitude of refinancing and extensions have returned. In the immediate future, however, the new RC cars to shoot for many Italians.

The idea of ​​extending the entry into force of the new family insurance, which emerged both within the majority and in the ranks of the opposition, beyond February 16 has been shelved. In its place came the corrective that, thanks to ‘individual malus’, will probably avoid the consequences on prices feared by insurance companies. In practice, in the event that the beneficiary of the family contract with a vehicle of different types (presumably motorbike or motorbike) causes an accident with damages in excess of € 5,000, he may undergo a subsequent downgrade of 5 on the subsequent stipulation – only he and not the other family members – merit classes. The rule introduced by the 5S in the tax decree was thus revised with an amendment by the dem Claudio Mancini, reformulated by the Ministry of Economic Development.

In fact, the first version of the measure provided that the malus was also familiar, as was the bonus, with a penalty after the accident for all the insured within the same group that had benefited from the collective insurance. The reformulation wanted by the Ministry instead focused on individual malus, with the aim of encouraging virtuous behaviors that would have been lost with the entry into force of the new system in the original version introduced by the tax decree. Ania explains: “the so-called RC family car exploits the ‘virtuous’ conduct of only one of the family members regardless of the driving history of the other family members, even if they own vehicles of another category with a very different risk of accidents ( trucks, motorbikes …). It is evident that this nullifies any incentive for good behavior behind the wheel, increasing the risk of greater road accidents and, therefore, of a potential increase for all Rc Auto prices “.

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