Naples, harassment at the Academy of Fine Arts: “Students reported”


A student filed a harassment complaint against a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. The prosecutor has opened a file. And in recent days the police have gone to the institute to acquire names of students and teachers to listen to.An investigation coordinated, with extreme confidentiality, by the assistant prosecutor Raffaele Falcone, who is deeply shaking the Academy. It is enough to go up to the second floor of the building to find again the protest posters of the collective “Non Una di Meno” which invites the students to denounce: “Oust the professor who harasses you”, and ask the institute’s leaders to intervene. The Collective has announced that it wants to attend the exams held by the teacher to protect the students: “How can I feel comfortable with a teacher harasser” is written on Facebook. But the professor has been absent due to illness since Monday and does not carry out the required examinations. “We all know who he is – the students say – around we talk about harassment, messages, requests for photos. We have heard many things in recent years”.
Perhaps it will be the messages of the mobile phone and the social pages to clarify what happened. The story that dates back to last summer also shakes the teaching staff. “Beyond the story I don’t know – says Marco Messina, professor of music at the Academy – I understand that it may be difficult to formalize a complaint, but I tell students to rebel against injustice”. In a press release, the president of the academy, Giulio Baffi, declares that he follows “with great regret this story which risks tarnishing the behavior of hundreds of teachers and complicating the work of many students who find adequate answers to their questions in the academy. growth, attention and intellectual and artistic training. I firmly reiterate every desire not to underestimate and cover up a disconcerting story and I wish myself isolated. “Baffi adds: “I testify my trust in the work of the director Gaeta who, since the report received from the student council, formally admonished a teacher asking him with authoritative firmness for an unquestionable and adequate behavior. the active collaboration of the Consulta to be able to receive the report of any other cases of impropriety verified in the behaviors held towards the students and the pupils, without having received any further information on it. event itself and due to a just rejection of every behavior and manifestation that the rules of our civil life condemn on a daily basis. I am sure that any other measure that will be deemed necessary following the evolution of the story will be promptly taken “. But in the corridors of the Academy there are many students who criticize the teacher’s attitudes: “Everyone here knows about phone calls, chats and requests for photos”, they repeat.

To that of Baffi is added the voice of Gaeta who rejects the accusations of not intervening promptly: “In October I received a report from the Student Council, but not supported by a substantial complaint. I proceeded, as a precaution, to a formal warning to the teacher to comply with the rules of the Academy’s code of conduct. I contested him with improper communications with students. Mine was a formal precautionary warning to interrupt these behaviors pending confirmation of objective acts that at the moment I was not invited. I also invited the students to consult, also through the guarantee of anonymity to be an active part of further reports with evidence that could support other considerations, but at the moment nothing has come to me. of the complaint that would have been filed “. In the Academy there is also talk of another case, which would concern a student engaged in Erasmus. “I spoke to her and she told me that the harassment did not concern her, but it was rumors of unease that she had gathered in the classroom.”

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