Munster: Hotel boss wanted to burn his ex – trial to murder – Ruhr area


Munster – The mattress is completely burned out. The entire room was destroyed. The drama that must have taken place in a hotel in Munster in the early morning hours of August 11, 2019 is hard to believe.

According to prosecutors, the former boss of the hotel in the bedroom of the apartment he was using had tried to kill his divorced wife. Ahmed J. (36) is said to have poured petrol over his ex (43) and set it on fire.

 This is what the room looked like after the arson Photo: Helmut Etzkorn

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This is what the room looked like after the arsonPhoto: Helmut Etzkorn

The charge is attempted murder. Prosecutor Dr. Thorsten Supmann in the trial before the Munster district court: “The woman was about to take a romantic bath when the accused poured petrol on her and lit it to kill her.”

The woman managed to save herself at the entrance, but collapsed there. Witnesses noticed smoke from outside and informed the fire department. Almost 50 hotel guests had to be saved.

Sumpmann: “The locked door was broken open. It is only thanks to the rapid intervention of the rescue workers that the woman is still alive. She was immediately resuscitated, flown to a clinic with life-threatening burns and put into an artificial coma. “

On the first day of the trial, the accused did not want to be involved in the allegations. The process continues.

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