Municipal council calls AfDers to withdraw


In the scandal surrounding allegedly manipulated AfD election lists in Vaterstetten, Upper Bavaria, the town council asked AfD MP Manfred Schmidt to resign his mandate immediately on Thursday evening. The 82-year-old is said to have put citizens against their will and without their knowledge on the AfD lists for the Ebersberg district council and Vaterstetten town council. Candidates include an elderly person and an Alzheimer’s patient. Several media had reported about it.

The municipal council unanimously called Schmidt to resign, said the mayor’s speaker, Georg Kast, on Friday. In addition, Schmidt was asked not to accept the election in March if he was elected. Representatives of all other parties believed that Schmidt had seriously damaged the reputation of the community and trod democratic principles. Schmidt also refused to resign from his mandate and refused to accept a possible re-election. On Friday, he rejected all allegations in a message and spoke of “progressive demonization of the AfD in public”.

Of 33 candidates, 10 had withdrawn their application in good time. More than half a dozen registered too late, so they were only on the list, which included 23 candidates. In the event of an election, if you do not want to work with the AfD, you could switch to another party, remain impartial or not accept the mandate. Then this would fall to another AfD student.

Schmidt is known in the community for his commitment to seniors through the foundation, for example, he organized excursions. However, it is speculated in the community that he wanted to use this to recruit followers.

In this case, the public prosecutor is currently examining whether there is criminal behavior. However, the investigation is currently not directed against a specific person, a spokeswoman said. It is about the creation of the list and the background of the withdrawals.

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