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During the examination of the Budget and Constitutional Affairs Commissions of the Chamber, the Majority and Government ended up distributing the 15 million of the fund in random order for indifferent needs

by Marco Mobili

Milleproroghe, the short-term anti-rents close

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Once upon a time there was the Milleproroghe. Leafing through the more than 150 approved amendments, the canonical year-end decree of the deadline extension has turned into an omnibus provision increasingly similar to a tip law. In fact, between a dispute and the other on politically sensitive issues such as prescription or motorway concessions, during the examination of the Budget and Constitutional Affairs Commissions of the Chamber, the Majority and Government ended up distributing the fund’s 15 million in random order for indifferent needs. To give some examples, with 300 thousand euros aid to made in Italy arrived, while the academy “Vivarum Novum” had to settle for 200 thousand euros for 2020, and then returned to smiling from 2021 when the contribution received from the Milleproroghe becomes 500 thousand euros when fully operational.

From convents to the Lincei
The indifferent needs to be supported include the contribution of 200 thousand euros for 2020 (which becomes 500,000 euros for each of the years 2021 and 2022) awarded to the San Felice convent complex for the completion of the works of extraordinary maintenance and plant adaptation. In the area of ​​sustainable development and the objectives indicated in the document of the United Nations Organization “Agenda 2030 for sustainable development” and of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Milan Center for Food law and policy it is refinanced for 500 thousand euros for the two-year period 2021-2022. Could not miss a bonus for the academy of the Lincei which, with the vote of the Commissions, collects 200 thousand euros for 2020. And the opposition with Forza Italia guarantees to the European Industrial School a support of 200 thousand euros for the current year and 300 thousand for 2021.


Values ​​in euros

Cigars the highest bonus
In the 15 million fund race considered “indifferent” the highest bonus is collected by the world of tobaccos. With 870 thousand euros for 2020, the increase in excise duties on cigars envisaged by the latest budget law will shift from 2021. Attention, according to the amendment approved by the commissions there will be no refund of the excise duty on cigars paid in application of the law of the balance sheet to date and the highest excise duty remains due for the release of cigars for consumption from 1 January 2020 until the date of entry into force of the conversion law of the Milleproroghe (29 February next).

The promises missed by the tax bonuses to Isa
The 2019 Milleproroghe fired by the Commissions and expected in the Chamber in Montecitorio on Monday for the vote of confidence, also stands out for a series of measures expected by taxpayers and businesses which, although announced by ministers and representatives of the majority, have remained in the drawer. With lots of technical reports attached and stamped by the Accounting Office.

One out of all is the extension in April of the obligation to trace the expenses that in 2021 pensioners and employees will be able to use with the 730 model. Strongly desired by Minister Gualtieri himself, the rule that did save the expenses incurred in cash in the first months of the year in order not to lose the Irpef deductions at 19% (unconventional medical expenses, those for boys in the gym, for study or for students away from home), it fell under the crossed vetoes of the majority and was no longer presented. The same happened for the synthetic indicators of economic reliability (Isa). Professionals and businesses have been asking for a “moratorium” on the first year of application of the new tax reports for months.

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