Merz etches in jokes against Merkel and AKK. SPD bell ax: “What a Chauvi”! – Domestic politics


Berlin – Explosive performance in the capital: Friedrich Merz (64, CDU) performed in front of employees of the Union faction and medium-sized companies in the “Ballhaus Berlin” on Thursday evening – with lace and women jokes, SPD general secretary Lars Klingbeil (41) is now teasing against Merz.

The Merz etching attack

The candidate for the party presidency indirectly distributed tips against the current female leadership duo. However, he did it cleverly – without naming Chancellor Angela Merkel and party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK).

Merz literally alluding to the day of AKK’s resignation: “This February 10th will go down in the history of the Federal Republic as a day of the storm. But not only outside, but also inside. Incidentally, it is pure coincidence that lows have female names at the moment. ”Laughter in the hall!
Merz continues: “It changes every year. Yes, they know that, that doesn’t allow any political associations. ”Laughter again! Merz continued to etch: “This year, the highs are named after men – in alphabetical order. The low pressure areas according to women’s names. It is a message. The bad news for all men is that next year it will be the other way around. ”

“What a Chauvi”

There are now contraindications to the joke attack. SPD general secretary Lars Klingbeil teases Merz, wrote on Twitter: “Friedrich Merz wants to be picked up from the 19th century. What a chauvi! ”

The Hamburg CDU politician Karin Prien (54) was also shocked. “Herrenwitz reloaded,” she wrote on Twitter.

What else Merz said

Merz managed to praise Angela Merkel’s 15 years as chancellor without even mentioning Merkel’s name once: “The CDU and CSU have to clarify a whole range of factual issues: This does not mean that this has meant a break in the past 15 years. They belong to the history of the CDU / CSU and to the history of Germany. As a result, these 15 years were good years for Germany. ”

Merz did not want to directly confirm his proposed candidacy for the CDU party chairmanship. But when asked about the BILD report from Thursday, in which Merz’s closest environment is cited as a source, the Vice-President of the Economic Council replied with the counter question: “Has there ever been anything wrong in the BILD newspaper?”

Merz also emphasized that he had received around 48 percent of all votes in his first candidacy in 2018 against AKK, which was probably “not so bad”. He also sees the surveys that are good for him, of course.

BUT: AKK is entitled to hold discussions about the succession, he conceded. In doing so, he responded to resentment in the camps of NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (58, CDU) and Health Minister Jens Spahn (39).

Reason: According to BILD information, it was actually agreed that none of the candidates would initially turn to the public.

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