Matteo Renzi grants Salvini the country, admission to Dritto and Rovescio: “After the vote, a government that will last”


Matteo Renzi he is ready for anything in order not to guarantee the green light to stop the prescription. In these hours the ex premier, guest at Straight and backhand, confirms rumors of its possible agreement with Matteo Salvini to bring down the government. Renzi’s, in reality, is an almost admission that sounds like this: “There are several possibilities – he explains to the conductor of Rete Quattro, Paolo De Debbio – get to work, or that the crisis opens and there is yet another government or the vote. “Then the most relevant declaration:” The important thing would be, after the vote, someone who wins and runs 5 years“.

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All explained, because the only one who could win, polls in hand, today as today would be the other Matteo, the opposite one like him and the whole center-right to the justice reform wanted by Alfonso Bonafede and on which the tightness of the executive is really played. He also confirmed it Giuseppe Conte who, frightened by his fate, confided in himself Sergio Mattarella.

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