Man goes to the hospital for the flu and returns amputee in the US


Atlanta Georgia.- The life of a Hispanic man took a 180 degree turn, because of a cold that ended with the amputation of both legs in a hospital in the United States.

Juan Santiagos pilgrimage began on December 6 when he was diagnosed with influenza at the Northside Hospital clinic in Atlanta. Not being something so serious, he was discharged to recover at home.

However, far from improving, Juan’s health worsened to such an extent that he needed to be admitted. On this occasion, pneumonia was detected and he had to be put into an induced coma.

During the time he was unconscious, his feet were invaded by a gangrene that threatened his life and that is why the doctors decided to amputate his legs to knee height.

In the end, the migrant was able to survive thanks to medical intervention, but he was prostrated in a wheelchair, because health insurance took away the prostheses he needed to walk. This aggravates your situation, because you do not have money or a decent way to make a living and move on.

“I thought it was a simple flu, a common cold, as one always thinks,” Juan Santiago told local media.

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