Lia (10) misses: Suspicious objects in the torrent


Spectacular use for flow rescuers: The little Lia (10) has never been found before.

© Fabian Strauch / dpa

Big missing person case: The ten-year-old girl Lia disappeared without a trace. Police and fire departments quickly suspected that the little girl might have fallen into a raging river. The search is spectacular, hope fades.

Menden – Great fear and dismay in the NRW city of Menden (Markischer Kreis) near Dortmund. On Saturday, little Lia (10) disappeared from her parents’ house in an unobserved moment, like * reported.

The river HOnne, which overflows into the Ruhr, flows nearby. Several sniffer dogs struck the bank. Large searches followed on Saturday and Sunday. Private individuals also participated in an exceptionally committed manner. Without success.

The professional search by flow rescuers, DLRG and THW had to be stopped on both weekend days due to the onset of darkness. The hope of finding a living child was waning.

The ups and downs continue on Monday. Fire brigade and police are again in action with a large contingent and check suspicion points on and in the river. A suspicious item was similar in color to the pajamas the girl was wearing when she disappeared.

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