Lega, from Bongiorno to Garavaglia: the “moderate” team to change the face of the party


“The MPs of the League will promptly inform the head of the Foreign Department in order to first agree on the opportunity for participation and interaction and then the language rules to be followed and the attitude to be adopted also in relation to individual topics of particular contingent relevance”. The letter is signed by Giancarlo Giorgetti, fresh head of Foreign Affairs of the League, the date is 12 February, the recipients of the Italian and European parliamentarians of the party, as well as members of the assemblies of NATO, OECD, Council of Europe, Ince and UfM. The sense is clear: enough with the unscheduled sorties, end of extemporaneous initiatives, stop in dealing with the “international current issues, often insidious and in any case not easy to read”.

If the turning point announced on Thursday morning by Matteo Salvini in front of the foreign press – Italexit never, relations in the European Parliament also with Giorgia Meloni’s Conservatives, new course with the EPP in view of the end of the Merkel era – Giorgetti has a protagonist, certainly not in the League homo novus. He is responsible for the convinced atlantism, often reiterated, and the closeness to the United States, but also the constant warning to his secretary to avoid slamming too many doors in his face, in Italy and abroad. The new head of delegation is also well on European issues Marco Campomenosi, an excellent connoisseur of the buildings of the Union for the fact that before being an MEP he was a long-time official of the group in Brussels.

In the turning point, in reality, there are no such new men: they all have a good history in the party. For example, the Northern League commissioner Igor Iezzi, group leader in the Chamber’s Constitutional Affairs Committee. For a long time he insisted with Salvini on the need for an organization of the party that would not weigh too heavily on his shoulders already heavily burdened by the role of leader. The appointment as deputy secretary of Andrea Crippa, who now has the keys to organizing the party in his pocket, and the return to the League of Departments, thematic areas in which to develop the official position of the party. Just yesterday Salvini was in the headquarters in via Bellerio to define all the assignments, in addition to Giorgetti’s for foreign affairs. What is known is that the Economy will be “unpacked” in several assignments, one of which will certainly be for the reassuring Massimo Garavaglia. Justice will obviously be for Giulia Bongiorno, which in addition to legal competence has a personal history capable of speaking to worlds, such as that of women’s rights, which for the League are not traditionally close. And the national limelight has also risen Alessandra Locatelli, former deputy mayor of Como and minister for the family and disabilities, themes that will also follow for the party. The two group leaders are listened to by the leader Riccardo Molinari (Camera) e Maximilian Romeo (Senate) that embody exactly what Salvini wants: the ability to make a tight opposition giving the feeling of being absolutely ready for the government. With the added value of being very effective on television.

But the news, from a certain point of view, are the Northern League governors. Especially those with the longest public history, Luca Zaia is Attilio Fontana, which so far had been exhibited in the election campaign as a symbol of the good Northern League government. Now they can also be valued for their indisputable distance from any extremism. The governors, in theory, should go to form a sort of secretary’s control room, as long as Salvini sticks to his own project. On Monday all the councilors and presidents of the League will meet in Rome to listen directly from the leader, behind closed doors, to the new Salvinian course. Title of the General States: «The strength of the Region». Against, the Northern League jokes, the “darkness of reason”.

February 14, 2020 (change February 14, 2020 | 10:07 pm)


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