Iliad: 5G to 17 million customers in Italy and France, alliance with Nokia


Nokia is iliad intensify collaboration with the aim of accelerating the spread of 5G in Italy and France. After Iliad’s press release from last September, the Finnish company reiterates this, recalling the alliance that has long tied it to the operator: Nokia has worked with Iliad on 3G and 4G – from 2012 in France and from 2018 In Italy – and is now ready to accompany the fourth Italian telephone operator in the emerging 5G network sector.

To achieve this, Iliad will use the 5G base station of the AirScale family and the massive MIMO 5G antennas of Nokia. The AirScale architecture offers full compatibility with both next generation networks and current 4G / LTE. It is therefore an investment that will bear fruit in the long term, while in the immediate term it will allow the operator to start the transition towards what will be the first 5G commercial offers.

We want to offer our customers the best possible 5G experience and that is why we have chosen to strengthen our relationship with Nokia as we enter the 5G era. Nokias innovative solutions and technologies for 5G allow us to launch it quickly and effectively, offering superior network performance and enabling us to face future challenges. Thomas Reynaud – CEO of the Iliad Group.

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