How is cycling tourism in Italy?


A bicycle will save us. Well one maybe not but many yes, especially if the two wheels are not limited to small daily movements but become more and more a tool for traveling, thus widening the value of the sustainable mobility a travel culture and even exploration.

But what is the state of health of cycle tourism in Italy? A group of are asking for it Transport economists from the Department of Economics of the University of Insubria which, supported by Fiab, has prepared a questionnaire aimed at the increasingly numerous tourists who choose the bicycle in their travels in Italy and Europe.

After some questions about the values ​​of cycle tourism and the favorite destinations, the questionnaire deals with some specifics in detail experiences lived in the last 3 years to collect impressions, judgments and evaluations on the cycling tourism offer of the territories visited, especially in terms of quality of accommodation and other services necessary, to meet the needs of a cyclist.

The investigation will serve to take stock of a rapidly growing phenomenon in recent years, cycle tourism, capable of combining economic development and quality of the environment and life, according to a sustainable development approach, adhering to the principles ofUN Agenda 2030.

– Answer the questionnaire, it will only take 15 minutes.

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