Gunfight in front of the Tempodrom – one person dies on site – B.Z. Berlin


There was a shootout in front of the Tempodrom late Friday evening. One person succumbed to the serious injuries on site, four other people were critically injured.

The shootout took place in front of the building at around 11 p.m. According to information from B.Z., one person was fatally injured. Alarmed rescue workers and emergency doctors were on site who tried to reanimate the person – to no avail. Four other people suffered life-threatening injuries.

Rescue workers on duty at the Tempodrom (Photo: Spreepicture)
Rescue workers on duty at the Tempodrom (Photo: Spreepicture)

Three seriously injured people went to hospital for treatment. Other people had to be treated on an outpatient basis. They may have been in shock. The area around the Tempodrom was cordoned off extensively. Hundreds of police officers used machine guns to secure the scene.

The homicide team has taken over the investigation. The exact backgrounds are not yet known. A Turkish comedy show was held in the Tempodrom that evening. It is still unclear whether there is a connection with the bloody deed.

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