Grandpa increases his sales of skis thanks to the networks


Navojoa, Sonora.- A grandfather who sells corn and prepared skis increased his sales thanks to social networks, this is Mr. Joaquin Mendivil Mendivil.

Mr. Joaquin sells the snacks outside a convenience store with the help of an old tricycle and a tub.

The 84-year-old man works with everything and a cane in hand to help him walk and always wears a hat, he never had a stable job so he does not have a pension for retirement and every day he goes out to sell corn and skis.

It was a user named Hiram Jossue who posted a picture of the corn seller on Facebook and wrote: “Come and buy corn from Mr. Sosa Chavez, good oxxo and Luis Salido Boulevard has sold two of ours”

After the publication of the client, the grandfather went viral and his sales increased, moments after dozens of people came to buy him.

The case of the Lord went viral on social networks and Navojoa society began to organize to promote the skites and sell everything, in addition a woman resident of the city of Hermosillo gave him a new tricycle to continue selling those rich Mexican cravings.

If you like to try Don Joaquin’s corn and skies, you can find it on Sosa Chavez Boulevard, in Navojoa, Sonora.

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