Germany: Calendar sheet 2020: February 15th – News


Name day: Claude, Sigfrid


2019 – US President Donald Trump declares a national emergency due to illegal transfers on the border with Mexico. He wants to use funds to build a wall that the Parliament refuses to give him.

2018 – Figure skaters Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot win the first pair skating gold for Germany in 66 years at the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang.

2015 – After evidence of a possible act of terrorism, the carnival parade in Braunschweig is canceled almost two hours before the start.

2010 – Viewing child pornography online is punishable by law, the Hamburg Higher Regional Court decides, thereby overriding a ruling by the Hamburg-Harburg District Court in February 2009.

2000 – President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Thierse imposes a fine of 41 million marks on the federal CDU for the incorrect accountability report for 1998. This is the highest punishment in German party history to date.

1995 – The Hamburg city council decides to sell the long-fought and contested Hafenstrasse houses to private investors.

1990 – Erich Honecker takes political responsibility for the crisis in the GDR. That also applies to the circumstances that would have led to the election fraud in May 1989. A corresponding statement by the former head of state and party is read out on GDR television.

1965 – Canada has its own national flag. For the first time, the new flag with the red maple leaf on a white-red background is hoisted in Ottawa. It replaces the insignia of the former colonial power of Great Britain.



1995 – Sara Dabritz (25), German soccer player, with the German national team Olympic champion in 2016 and European champion in 2013

1980 – Samira Makhmalbaf (40), Iranian director (“Five in the afternoon”)

1955 – Karin Neuhauser (65), German theater and film actress (TV series “Die Familienanwaltin”)

1950 – Berthold Huber (70), German trade union official, first chairman of IG Metall 2007-2013

1820 – Susan Anthony, American civil and women’s rights activist, champion of women’s suffrage, died 1906


1998 – Martha Gellhorn, American journalist, one of the first war reporters (books “Travel with me and him”, “Couples”), was married to Ernest Hemingway, born 1908

1965 – Nat King Cole, American jazz pianist and singer (“Unforgettable”), born 1919

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