Evacuated Commodore Py for a fire start


The building of the Federal Courts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, located in Comodoro Py 2002, It had to be evacuated by a fire principle on the ground floor.

Near midday a firelight that would have been generated by the short circuit of an artifact, alerted the employees of the courts, who were evacuated by the Special Fire Rescue Group of the City of Detachment Eleven in conjunction with the Argentine Federal Police . The authorities and judicial employees had to descend mostly down the stairs and exit in an orderly manner towards the street.

The fire it would have occurred in a small office of Federal Court No. 10 on the ground floor, which is located next to the secretary of AMIA of Court No. 6. Several important cases are processed in the annex of court 10. Among them, the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman. However, the fire principle was already controlled.

“The Federal Criminal Cassation Chamber, in the exercise of the Superintendence of the building, communicates that the situation was immediately controlled and that it would have had its origin apparently, in a short circuit of the air conditioner”, They said in a statement. And they added: “Fortunately there were no serious injuries to people’s health and the documentation deposited there was also not damaged.” An employee of the court, however, was taken to Fernandez Hospital but is in good health.

Last week, the building also had to be evacuated due to the danger that bats, cockroaches, rats and vermin reproduce in court. By order of the Federal Criminal Cassation Chamber, last Friday it was arranged to carry out a general review and “exhaustive” control in the building from 1:30 p.m., at which time the public service hours end.

The Secretary General of the Union of Employees of the Justice of the Nation (UEJN), Julio Piumato, had reported on social networks a day before the presence of bats on the ninth floor of the building.

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