Diabolik, the pact with Albanians and clans to get their hands on Ostia


Diabolik, alliance with Albanians and clans to take over the shop in Ostia

He had focused his eyes on Ostia, Diabolik. He would have done anything to have control of the shop square on the coast of Rome, even to act as a mediator for a criminal pax who would have benefited his personal gain. It is the investigative trail that is taking shape more and more in the aftermath of the arrest of Salvatore Casamonica and the lawyer Lucia Gargano in business with Fabrizio Piscitelli, killed with a single blow to the head while sitting on a bench in via Lemonia.

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Diabolik, pax mafia in Ostia. The wiretapping: «Now they have to be good»
Diabolik, pax mafia in Ostia: Salvatore Casamonica and a lawyer arrested
Diabolik, the mother to the prosecutor Prestipino: “Died free, if he was a criminal why was he not in prison?”

After the arrests of the Fascians first and of the Swords then in Ostia a “vacuum of power” has been created in a territory that since the time of the Magliana has been at the center of criminal interests not only in Rome. So to attempt the climb were the “emerging” of Barboncino, Marco Esposito century. Born in 1978 and a respectable track record: first a Fascian soldier, then a Sword affiliate and finally their enemy. He has fought him in recent years, even going so far as to attempt to kill one of the Spada brothers and the same boss Romoletto. But this war certainly would not have served anyone who would have liked to get their hands on the drug river that runs parallel to the mouth of the Tiber. And in addition there are Albanians who “push” to Acilia and who are willing to take Ostia. They have weapons and money and the support of families linked to the Casalesi: Guarnera, Iovine, Costagliola. To make a load of drugs, different forces come together. Then they decide how to sell it, establish the quotas, the “sticks” that are up to everyone.

And Poodle is also a strong presence in Acilia, linked by ties of kinship with the Sanguedolce, sworn enemies of the “Neapolitans” Costagliola. A square that Diabolik wants to take at all costs but bullets and blood make too much noise. So he decides to support Barboncinos “battery” and then sits down at the negotiating table with Casamonica to “guarantee” a non-belligerent pact on Ostia. It is Piscitelli himself who supplies the Poodle group with drugs: drugs for 40 thousand euros. A “huge quantity”, as the prosecutor writes, which starts to turn on the coast.

The next step to having exclusive control is to go talk to the Swords who are in prison, however. Salvatore Casamonica is in business with Diabolik the closest person to the Sinti clan of Ostia. Through the lawyer Gargano, defender of the Swords, they send a message to Romoletto, the boss in prison. Enough for shootings and attacks: “Mo are killing each other,” says Piscitelli. The Poodle group must be left alone and in return there will be no more “emerging” attacks on the Swords. Then to seal the criminal pax: “on mine I put both my hands on the fire”.

Piscitelli guaranteed for Poodle, but Marco Esposito also took the laborer. Kevin Di Napoli, a professional boxer, was both a hitter on Diabolik’s behalf and a member of the “emerging” clan. His name, not surprisingly, appears both in the “Maverick” operation, when the Ostia Group carabinieri first defeated the battery of young people from Acilia and Ostia; both in the “Great Criminal Fitting” operation which revealed Piscitelli’s “business”. But Di Napoli is only one of the links between the world of Ostia and that of Diabolik.

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