DHL car stolen for moving: police laugh at thieving teenagers – domestic news


Very stupid idea of ​​four young people: Because one of them wanted to move from Thuringia to Hamburg, but had no money for a rental car let alone for a moving company, they stole a Postbus!

The quartet allegedly wanted to bring that back after the move. “At least that’s the plan,” the police said on Facebook. “In practice, however, the four wise guys have forgotten an important point: namely US.”
► The crazy company started out in Luneburg, Lower Saxony, where two buddies (15, 18) of those willing to move (21) live. There the two hijacked a DHL van loaded with parcels, gurgled around 250 kilometers to Nordhausen in Thuringia to pick up their friend and all of his furniture and another companion (18).

However, they obviously did not behave inconspicuously. When the police came to check, on Wednesday night the officers found not only the stolen van and a DHL jacket, but also falsified documents and other alleged stolen goods in the apartment of the 21-year-old known to the police. Arrest!

The 15-year-old from Luneburg, who belonged to the quartet, had been missing since Monday. Now the police are checking whether the four have committed other crimes. Already on Tuesday evening, several rioters had moved through Nordhausen, given up mirrors from parked vehicles and knocked over garbage cans.

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