Coronavirus in Italy: Italian positive for Cecchignola


The Higher Institute of Health (ISS) has just communicated to the Ministry of Health task force the positive outcome of the confirmation test for the Coronavirus on one of the Italian returnees from Wuhan, quarantined in the military city of Cecchignola: he is a 29-year-old Italian researcher who worked in China. The patient, continues the ISS, currently hospitalized at the Spallanzani institute with modest thermal rise and conjunctival hyperemia.

With this person tested positive, a young man between 30 and 40, we have had few contacts these days. Before he was transferred to Spallanzani, he was in a single room, some quarantined Italians said, according to reportsHandle. The Institute is coordinatingthe organization of epidemiological surveillance at national level and supports regional reference laboratories to ensure a timely first diagnosis. In cases of positivity to the first test, the Institute carries out the confirmatory analyzes by communicating them to the task force of the Ministry of Health. At Spallanzani the Chinese husband and wife are always hospitalized, infected by the virus and sick while they were doing a sightseeing tour in Italy. The death toll in China rose to 630.

February 6, 2020 (change February 6, 2020 | 11:48 pm)


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