Coronavirus / Bavaria: Second child infected by Webasto employees – new details


The tenth case of the corona virus has become known in Bavaria. Seven patients are in the Schwabing Clinic. There are new details about her health.

  • There are now ten confirmed cases of coronavirus in Bavaria.
  • An entire family is in the isolation ward of the Trostberg hospital.
  • Many infected people are symptom-free.

February 4 update: seven Corona patients are now in the clinic in the Munich district Schwabing, All are in stable clinical condition. This also applies to one of the sufferers, in which, in addition to an elevated temperature, an incipient inflammation of the airways is observed. The clinic announced on Tuesday.

The patients sometimes showed flu-like symptoms, most are largely symptom-free. When those who feel healthy can go home is still unclear. The clinical observation of all patients continues – just like the intensive coordination with the responsible authorities about the general conditions for a discharge date, “it said.

Another coronavirus case – second child infected by Webasto employee

Update from February 3, 9:34 p.m .: A little later, after it was announced that there was another child with the coronavirus one case is still known. Another employee of the auto supplier Webasto infected in Stockdorf. The man was in Munich clinic Schwabing brought. The number of infected in Germany this increases to twelve people.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Second child infected by Webasto employees

Update from February 3, 8:06 pm: In Bavaria has another one child demonstrably with the new coronavirus infected. This increased the number of affected in the state to nine and nationwide on eleven people. It is a second infected child that man from the district Traunstein, whose positive findings had become known last week, like that Bavarian Ministry of Health announced on Monday evening, citing the State Office for Health and Food Safety. The father and the two children are in one stable health,

Ninth case of the corona virus in Bavaria: second child infected by Webasto employees

The pathogen had been detected in seven employees of the automotive supplier Webasto in Stockdorf near Munich. Then there are the two children of one employee. The company headquarters will remain closed until at least February 11 due to the new lung disease. In addition, two people are infected who were flown out of the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan at the weekend. You will be treated in Frankfurt.

Update from February 3, 11:59 a.m .: Seven Webasto employees are infected with the corona virus. The car supplier has therefore decided to take a drastic step.

Corona virus in Bavaria: hospitals and surgeries well prepared

Update from February 3, 11:14 p.m .: The Bavarian doctor’s offices and hospitals are, according to the Minister of Health Melanie Huml (CSU) well on a possible increase in Coronavirus infections prepared. The radio station Bavaria 2 she said on Monday: “We have informed all outpatient doctors and we have also asked for bed capacity in Bavarias hospitals, especially in the southern Bavarian region, to find a certain amount preparation to meet if it should be necessary to isolate several hundred people. ”

However, it is still completely unclear whether such a need arises at all and how the situation will develop. “It is very, very difficult to estimate. We are doing everything we can to stem this as far as possible. ”So far, it has been possible to trace the origin of the cases. “But at the same time it is of course the case that we do not yet have the certainty that it can be said that we have now broken the chain.”

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Researchers determine the course

Update from February 3, 7.43 a.m .: The number of people infected with the coronavirus is increasing. Researchers have determined how the disease could spread in the Free State.

Update from February 2, 9:33 a.m .: A man and one of his three children are with the coronavirus infected. Since his wife and two other children also show symptoms, the doctors assume that the whole family is infected. They are accommodated together in a room in the Trostberger Klinikum.

Commented on the placement Prof. Dr. Thomas Gluck, Head of Internal Medicine. “There is a particularly favorable constructional feature here, the family can be optimally cared for, completely isolated from normal operations,” the Passauer Neue Presse quotes the doctor. His team had been prepared, “but that we are now getting a corona patient so quickly , we didn’t expect that ”.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Another case reported

Update from February 1, 7:59 p.m .: Another case of coronavirus infection has now been confirmed in Germany. It is said that the sick person is an employee of the Webasto company who lives in Munich.

Corona virus: family picked up in protective suits – background information now known

Update from 2:55 p.m .: The press conference has ended. With the man and his eldest child, there are now six confirmed cases in Bavaria. However, due to the symptoms, the doctors assume that the wife and two other children will also be tested positive.

Update from 2:51 p.m .: “We know exactly when the last kindergarten was,” says Dr. Shopkeeper over one of the children. At this point the child was still without symptoms. It is still determined exactly when the child started on sickness, the other measures depend on it.

Update from 2.49 p.m .: “Living side by side or walking past each other would not be enough for an infection,” explains Dr. Wolfgang Kramer, head of the Traunstein health department, when asked by a journalist who had asked about the neighbors.

Update from 2.47 p.m .: “The Chinese would be several weeks ahead of us,” says Prof. Dr. Luck. However, the flow of information is very limited. You have to focus on the information from the western world.

Update from 14.42: The family’s baby is six months old, like Prof. Dr. Happiness tells. The family members who have not yet tested positive are retested.

Video: how contagious is the corona virus?

Corona virus in Bavaria: family with baby and two small children isolated

Update from 2.35 p.m .: “We put the family in one room,” says Prof. Dr. Luck. The parents want to be with their children. The family has two children up to five years and an infant.

Update from 2:33 p.m .: In the vast majority of cases, the symptoms are mild, reports Stefan Paech, medical director at Kliniken Sudostbayern AG.

Update from 2:28 p.m .: The family reported itself to the authorities after the father had flu-like symptoms. It still needs to be clarified with whom the family has been in contact for more than 15 minutes in the past few days.

Update from 2:25 p.m .: The health status of all family members is stable. A family member shows somewhat stronger symptoms. So far, two of the five family members have tested positive, but: “We assume that the whole family is infected,” says Prof. Dr. Thomas Gluck from Trostberg Clinic.

Update from 2:22 p.m .: The infected man’s wife and two other children were tested negative for the time being. However, they also show corresponding signs.

Corona virus in Bavaria: man and his child tested positive

Update from 2.20 p.m .: As announced at the press conference, the man and his eldest child tested positive for the coronavirus.

Update from 2:14 p.m .: The press conference has started. The man, a Webasto employee, reported himself. He said he was in contact with someone who had coronavirus. Thursday the man tested positive. The whole family, including his children, showed signs of a flu infection.

Update from 1.35 p.m .: As the image reports that the last infected person in Bavaria for the time being is Siegsdorfer, who was picked up yesterday with his family by the BRK in protective suits. An assistant brought the man’s two small children out of the house. The family then went to the hospital in Trostberg.

According to the picture, the man is supposed to be an employee of the Webasto company, as in the other four known cases in Bavaria to date.

Corona case in Traunstein? District Office announces press conference

Update from 1.30 p.m .: The District Office Traunstein has scheduled a press conference for 2 p.m. The background is that the last confirmed in Germany Corona Case is located in the district of Traunstein.

BRK mission in Siegsdorf: No precise information on the state of health yet

Update 9.30 a.m .: As reports, there is still no current information about the health of the four people, including two children. They were brought to the isolation ward of the Trostberg hospital via a back entrance.

BRK use with protective suits: family of four brought to hospital – connection with coronavirus?

Siegsdorf – For a spectacular use of the Bavarian red crossess happened on Thursday evening in Siegsdorf (Traunstein district). Four people, including two small children, were picked up by the BRK in a house. The emergency personnel wore protective suits and protective masks. The people who may have contracted the coronavirus were then taken to the isolation ward of the hospital in Trostberg. The BRK vehicles then had to be cleaned.

The news portal * reports that the operation in Siegsdorf was confirmed as the fifth coronavirus-Patient who could live in Siegsdorf according to the editors. Bayerischer Rundfunk also relies on speculation.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Five confirmed cases

On Wednesday, 90 people were in Bavaria quarantine, In the evening, the fifth confirmed coronavirus case was reported. The starting point seems to be the company in all cases Webasto to be in the district of Starnberg. Here a Chinese woman, who was in Bavaria for a training course, spread the virus to work colleagues.

The number of coronavirus deaths in China has skyrocketed. Within a day, the number increased by 42 to 213. In addition, the number of people suffering from the coronavirus climbed to 9692. Die World Health Organization WHO raises the alarm and has now declared an international emergency.

Australian researchers have already reported a breakthrough in a coronavirus cure. Meanwhile, there are wild rumors about the origin of the virus – and of course some conspiracy theories on the Internet. The fear spreads. For example, 7,000 people were detained on a cruise ship on Thursday – out of concern for the corona virus.

In Schongau, Bavaria, an obviously injured deer lies in the ditch. The called hunter misses twice. A couple is angry about the incident.

A bird flew into a Rewe supermarket in the Bavarian town of Wolfratshausen – and has been living in the branch for a long time. A customer has a cruel suspicion.

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