Citizenship income, 40,000 beneficiaries have found work


To date there are 1.2 million families who perceive the Basic income. The navigators supported the operators of the employment centers in the convocation and reception of 372,855 beneficiaries of income, of which 125,641 in December 2019 and assisted the operators of the centers in the “taking charge” of 151,697 beneficiaries, of which 59,867 in December. “These data show – declares President Anpal Mimmo Parisi – that Phase 2 of the RdC is more than a game. It is an excellent starting point for the further steps necessary to bring the interventions aimed at accompanying the beneficiaries to work to full capacity, such as example therelocation check“.

Positive also the comment of the Minister Catalfo: “Today we get great news on one of the issues that the Italians care most, rightly, namely work. I am also pleased to talk about it in response to the many attacks that have been coming for months on citizenship income”.

item out of the core is that of the deputies of Let’s change! Stefano Benigni, Manuela Gagliardi, Claudio Pedrazzini, Alessandro Sorte and Giorgio Silli who said: “Five billion spent for citizenship income and 39,000 jobs created. It means that every work place is cost Italian taxpayers € 128,205. Congratulations! If we had paid a master’s degree to each of them, the state would have saved a lot of money! “.

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