car or transport, which is more expensive?


The car is cheaper than transport on short distances. The conclusion of the study by the National Federation of Transport Users (FNAUT) on the comparative cost of the different modes of travel is surprising. In Ile-de-France, the car costs 30% less than transport.

But this result does not take into account all expenses. It is actually the “marginal cost” of the car which only includes petrol or parking costs.

The car not really cheaper

It is 8 cents per kilometer per person against 12 cents for public transport. This amounts to 28 euros per month for the car against 43 euros for transport, if we consider that the average commute to work is 18 kilometers (according to the results of the Global Transport Survey).

The study does however no distinction between subscribers and non-subscribers transports. It also does not take into account the reimbursement of half of the Navigo Pass by companies.

In fact, many Ile-de-France residents only pay than 37.60 euros per month to take transport. What remains more than the marginal cost of the car.

But if we take into account all the expenses related to the automobile (maintenance, insurance, credit …), the car then becomes much more expensive: 24 euro cents per kilometer.

Involve motorists in road maintenance?

It’s twice as much as transportation. However, few motorists are aware of the total cost of their car. The price is not often a criterion of choice.

To make public transport more attractive, the FNAUT asks the State to lower the VAT to 5.5% on train tickets (against 10 currently).

The federation also wishes to make motorists contribute to the maintenance of the road network (except motorways, the road network is free), to restore fairness between these two modes of travel.

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