Canada: a country hostile to Quebec


Much has been said in recent days about the challenge of Bill 21 by the English-Montreal School Board and its illegal funding by the federal government, through the court challenges program – funding that the controversy has driven the EMSB. to refuse.

Several, including Francois Legault, have accused Justin Trudeau of insulting Quebecers. Others have argued that Justin Trudeau had little to do with this decision because the program would be “independent” – such an assertion, however, deserves many nuances, including that it is ideologically very oriented.


Whether Justin Trudeau is personally responsible for this dispute does not matter. The main thing is elsewhere. Rather, what we need to recognize is that the federal system itself, with or without Justin Trudeau, is fundamentally hostile to the assertion of Quebec. He submits it to a constitution he did not sign, to a Charter of Rights which engenders an undemocratic and multiculturalist government of judges, which demonizes and reduces us to the status of an ethnic minority in plural Canada.

Canada is a country fundamentally hostile to the people of Quebec. It pushes for its political dissolution and its demographic marginalization.

Nothing that is happening right now is surprising. The great virtue of Bill 21, in some respects, is to remind Quebecers of a truth they wanted to forget: Quebec may well be made to believe that it is free to decide for itself in the federal framework, it is wrong.


It must be deployed in the space that is granted to it. Let us be clear: he is politically subjected to Ottawa.

And if, sooner or later, the Supreme Court decides to suspend Law 21, there won’t be many cards left in its game. There is a price to pay for not being independent.

What will Francois Legault do then?

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