Aggression in Vercelli prison: prisoner sends three agents to hospital


Aggression in prison in Vercelli this morning. A young detainee, originally from Africa, threw himself at a prison police officer who had not been able to satisfy his request. He punched him through the gate. Two other agents, alerted by the confusion and rushed to check the condition of the injured colleague, were in turn attacked by receiving one punch in the face and the other a warhead.

The three policemen ended up in the emergency room. One of them, the most serious, had a maxillofacial trauma, 3 points to the eyebrow with a 30-day prognosis and will have to undergo an operation. The other two reported one fracture of the nasal septum and the other a maxillary sprain with a 15-day prognosis: “The FNS Cisl is close to the policemen and their families who will have to face this delicate period of convalescence,” they said by the union.

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