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The national spokesman for the AfD in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rudiger Lucassen, has stated that members of his party have been meeting with members of the CDU-affiliated conservative association, ValueUnion, for six months. “The first talks started about six months ago. Since then, contacts have intensified,” said Lucassen Cologne city scoreboard, There are up to seven meetings or phone calls per month, the interlocutors are said to be several members of the WertUnion and members of the Bundestag of the CDU.

The meetings would take place in a “relaxed atmosphere”, mostly in
rented rooms or in private surroundings. It is both about
thematic discussions as well as party political considerations – “um
explore what will be possible in the future, “Lucassen is quoted as saying.

According to the AfD politician, the exchange has increased since the Prime Minister election in Thuringia, in which the FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich was also elected with AfD votes. “We are talking about a bourgeois coalition that may exist in the future,” said Lucassen according to the Cologne city scoreboard, “The voter will force this on us. At the latest when Ms. Merkel is no longer in office.”

The Values ​​Union rejected the claims. “Evidence that such
We have no discussions, “said a spokesman
 of the club. “The WertUnion has changed again and again since its foundation
against cooperation or coalitions between the Union parties and the
 AfD pronounced. There is nothing to add.”

Suspected contacts with the AfD are being investigated

Alexander Mitsch, Chairman of the Values ​​Union, had previously confirmed this. “For us there is no cooperation with the AfD or the Left Party,” he said. He also announced that the top of the association would deal on Saturday with reports on contacts between two of their country heads with AfD-related associations. The topic will be discussed at the federal executive board meeting.

Previously, the mirror about connections between Hesse’s values ​​union chairman Sebastian Reischmann and the chairman of the association in Thuringia Christian Sitter reports to people from the right scene. Mitsch himself donated a total of 120 euros to the AfD in 2014 and 2016 and, according to his own statements, at times “played with the idea” of joining the party.

The Union of Values ​​is an unofficial trend within the CDU. According to its own statement, it has about 4,000 members, about one percent of all CDU members. The association represents right-wing conservative positions, calls for more powers for security authorities, explicit support for heterosexual marriages and the abolition of the minimum wage. The values ​​union strives for a rightward shift of the CDU and thus promises voters from the AFD recover.

The internal discussion about the role of the association has intensified since the election in Thuringia because he congratulated Kemmerich on the election despite the participation of the AfD. In addition, he criticized the intervention of the Chancellor, who had described the election of the FDP politician as “unforgivable”. From the CDU There were then calls for the dissolution of the Union of Values.

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