Accident on the A4 Turin-Milan: 30-year-old died, hit after getting out of the car


got out of the car to check the damage of a small accident and was run over and killed. happened this morning, Friday 14 February, just before 6, along thehighway A4 Turin-Milan at the height of Settimo.

The victim a 30 year old man whose identity is not known yet. To invest it was a girl behind the wheel of a Polo. The young woman in shock. This is the first reconstruction of the accident. The victim was traveling in the direction of Milan on his 500L when he crashed into an Alfa Romeo 147 after the release of Settimo. The boy went down to see what damage he had suffered. And just at that moment a Volkswagen Polo GT led by a woman who overwhelmed him. Rescue is useless.

Two other minor injuries were involved in the accident, rescued by 118 and by Torino Stura firefighters. The dynamics under consideration by the Novara Est traffic police.

The investment determined the temporary closure of the motorway section between the Settimo and Volpiano exits (towards Milan) causing a few kilometers of queues.

(This piece being updated)

February 14, 2020 | 08:16


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