Accident in front of shopping center: SUV races on foot in front of Mall of Berlin


After an unsuccessful turning maneuver, an SUV was hurled over the sidewalk in front of the Mall of Berlin in Berlin. The badly damaged car lands on its side so that firefighters have to put it up. According to the police and fire department, a person comes to the hospital.
It could have turned out much worse: after an unsuccessful turning maneuver, an SUV got on the footpath in front of a large Berlin shopping center – and tipped over there. According to the police and fire department, one person came to the hospital after the accident in the evening. The incident occurred in front of the often busy Mall of Berlin near Potsdamer Platz – even during the opening hours.

According to the police, the driver had collided with another car during a turning maneuver, which was damaged on the side front. After the collision, the SUV hurled over the sidewalk, destroyed a railing and took away several bicycles parked there, some of which were severely damaged. The badly damaged car landed on the side between the two wings of the shopping center, so that firefighters had to pull it up.

The accident brings back memories of the serious SUV accident with four deaths in September last year on Invalidenstrasse in Berlin: a car had strayed from the street in the city center across the oncoming lane. He rammed a traffic light, caught passers-by on the sidewalk and broke through a fence. A three-year-old boy was among the four victims. Investigators assume that the driver raced into a pedestrian group unchecked due to a seizure.

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