They found a woman’s body and there are two people drowned in Carcarana


A 37-year-old man and his 28-year-old sister, both from the city of Correa, were found dead in Carcarana, after yesterday the man went into the river and could not return to the shore, and the woman throw to try to rescue him.

According to the first testimonies collected in the investigation, both people were in the afternoon of yesterday in the area of ​​the bridge of Route 9 over the Carcarana River with their children and a family friend.

Enzo Norberto Acosta, 37, entered the river at the height of the boat descent and failed to return to the mainland. His sister, Monica Mabel Mercedes Falena, 28, dived behind him to try to rescue him but failed and could not be safe. According to the first signs, neither of them knew how to swim.

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The body of the man was found yesterday by Cracarana Firefighters nearby, but the woman’s search had to be suspended at nightfall, due to lack of light. Finally, Falena was found lifeless today, around 2 pm, not far from where the tragedy occurred.

The bodies were requested to be sent to the Legal Medical Institute for the corresponding autopsy.

The search was carried out by personnel from the Naval Prefecture of Argentina along with Volunteer Firefighters.

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