Master killed, murder weapon found – Chronicle


(ANSA) – TURIN, JANUARY 26 – The Carabinieri of the Command
provincial of Alessandria have found the weapon with which Amber
Pregnolato was killed on Friday in her home in
Valenza (Alessandria). It is a hammer that Michele
Venturelli, the friend of the victim arrested for the crime, has
thrown into a bend in the Po. Man, a family friend who for
one year he had been a woman’s lover, he told the police
who had the tool in his backpack because he needed it for
fix the bicycle.

The victim, a 40-year-old teacher, was found dead by the
husband, in the living room, with his head smashed. The case of
Valenza was solved in a few hours by the carabinieri. The military
they found Venturelli injured on the railroad tracks,
near a bridge in Alexandria: he had tried to kill himself,
upset about the crime. To the military he confessed to having
lost his head when the woman told him he didn’t want to
plus leave her husband and go live with him.


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